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DWTS Wendy Williams wounded ego may be a thing of the past tonight

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“Dancing with the Stars” tonight will bring back the proud stars along the wounded ego celebrity dancers from last week to give us a second look at what they can do.

Wendy Williams, who was one of the “DWTS” celebrities that may have had a wounded ego last week, will most likely come back fighting. She is a woman who goes after what she wants, so we can look to her for picking up her game tonight.

When Wendy was first partnered up with Tony Dovolani, he thought the feisty Wendy Williams would transfer that energy to the dancing routines, but he might have jumped the gun a bit. Wendy, who admits she has two left feet, has been working hard this week to rise from the bottom of the “DWTS” scores.

Dovolani believes that she can do it. He was surprised that the very confident Wendy Williams of the talk show circuit was a very nervous dancer. She was also feeling insecure about her voluptuous body as she danced along the stage.

“Wendy Williams was always the tall kid, always felt too big to dance,” Dovolani said in a recent interview. Williams said that the tough work out learning the cha-cha has left her feeling like she is in the best shape in her life. She has been training five hours a day for weeks for her “DWTS” routines.

Williams is at risk of being eliminated early, but chances are, her popularity might be her saving grace, more so than her dancing abilities. The “Wendy Williams Show” is aired in 54 countries and ranks 13th among talk shows, according to the Nielsen ratings.

Williams will have to relax to get through her “DWTS” routines, the visibility of her tension was blatant last week as she performed.

One area she excelled in was appearance, her golden cleavage revealing costume made her the most glamorous of all the stars on “DWTS” last week. Kendra Wilkinson was also dressed to the nine’s but she would win for sexy, where Williams did more of a classy sexy.

Williams may have a few extra pounds on her large frame, but she is as athletically built as any of the sports stars that are her dancing cast mates.

Fans of Wendy Williams just know she will pick up her game and go on to reach for higher scores this week. If she is picked as the one to go home, her exit dance will be a jaw dropper for sure. Williams isn’t a woman who loses, she didn’t get to where she is today by giving up!


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i will dance with the stars. My wounded ego is already shrinking thanks for your web site.

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