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Glenn Beck ponders own cable channel like Oprah with bigger blackboards

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Glen Beck around the clock, seven days a week, is the country ready for this?

Glenn Beck has certainly made a name for himself in the last few years and now he is getting ready to take that name to a higher level. This conservative man of the 5 o’clock hour is mulling over his own cable channel much like the talk show queen, Oprah!

Beck’s contract runs out with Fox at the end of this year and he is given a “Glenn Beck” channel some consideration, according to the New York Daily News. Beck has declined to discuss his future plans about a “Glenn Beck” channel, but the New York Times has it from good sources that this is something we may see in the near future.

This 5 o’clock guru is also considering expanding his Internet subscription video service, “Inside Extreme.”

Beck has said that “he has no intention of doing the show that he is doing on Fox now, anywhere else.” According to the Daily News, there are several indications that Glenn Beck will be taking his blackboard and props and parting ways with Fox.

Beck. with his almost sermon type rhetoric, has taken some air out of the sails of Fox when it comes to their advertisers. The number of advertisers currently boycotting Beck’s program is up near 400 at last count, according to the Daily News.

Joel Cheatwood, one of the network’s senior exec’s is expected to sign on to Beck’s media company, Mercury Radio Arts, which may be another indication that Beck might be leaving Fox.

Nielsen Media Research reports that Beck has lost more than one third of his audience in the last year, which equals out to more than 1 million viewers. Marc Bagej, a marketing strategist, told Forbes Magazine that a Beck channel would be a “nonstarter.”

Glenn Beck has become more over the edge with his white board, black board, and visual prompts making it into almost every discussion he is having. His tone of voice has changed from the typical, news - talk show host combination to a holy roller sermon sounding preacher. The only thing missing is “hallelujah” after every few spoken paragraphs.

His “I told you so‘s” can be as annoying as finger nails on a blackboard, which by the way is another object that is getting old, the blackboard. It is Beck 101 at 5pm as he continues to write it all down like a lesson on that blackboard.

Beck lost over a million viewers, who apparently could not hang in there any longer and watch Beck fall deeper into the abyss of insanity TV. Now he wants to take it to the masses 24 hours a day? How can he expect to survive with a 24/7 hour cable channel?

The thought of a Glenn Beck 24/7 channel undoubtedly has many thankful for the remote’s “favorite” settings. This will allow you to roll right over that channel with out even a flicker of the “Glenn Beck” channel making a connection with your screen.

Glenn Beck was a welcome breath of fresh air to many when he first came on the scene, but now it is like watching an extreme political televangelist show.

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