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Jersey Shore season 4 heads to Italy with a smaller Snooki in tow

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Snooki and the rest of the “Jersey Shore” cast mates are heading for Italy for the filming of “Jersey Shore” season 4. What will this obnoxious bunch do to foreign relations?

The pint sized Snooki appears to have lost some of her puffy weight since the filming of the last season of “Jersey Shore.” She has also taken it a few notches up on the style bar, looking better than ever in some of the new clothes she is sporting. This is the only visible change going into the fourth season of this reality show.

The season 3 finale was basically like watching a rerun of any of the other episodes with Ronnie and Sammi fighting and then sobbing. This went on while the rest of “The Jersey Shore” stars got drunk, belligerent and sloppy. Snooki’s “cuca” was out, with not a thing that was new and exciting to offer. Season 4 will at least have the views and the Italian flare while they drink, fight, and become obnoxious as usual.

Is it a good idea to bring this obnoxious circus on the road and out of the country? The first road trip made by this group was to Miami, when “Jersey Shore” filmed at this trendy vacation location. They did not get the best reception by locals and the municipal government. At least they were in the lower 48 states and not at risk at breaking any laws they didn’t know about. But taking them to Italy?

Letting the “Jersey Shore” party bunch loose in Italy is sure to cause at least a couple of major problems. This group goes along like the rules don’t apply to them, evident by the arrests of Ronnie and Snooki already seen in previous shows. Will this behavior change while they are in Italy? There really is no reason or indication to say that it will. Bringing these cast members to Italy could be opening a whole new can of worms for foreign relations.

Parents groups, Italian American groups, and just regular American citizens have been very vocal since the first season of this show. Concerns about the message that Snooki and pals are sending to the young people today with their behaviors have been heard from every corner of this nation. The Italian’s are most likely going to feel the same way about corrupting their young adults with this type of show that glorifies drinking, sexual promiscuity, and obnoxious behavior.

When the first season of “Jersey Shore” ended, Snooki, “The Situation”, J-WOWW, Ronnie, Sammi, and the others become overnight celebrities and people could not get enough of their crazy antics on the MTV runaway hit.

This is changing as “The Jersey” shore cast has actually done almost every obnoxious and inappropriate behavior known to mankind, so there is nothing new to tune into. Their fame appears to be winding down, with less exposure on TV, the Internet, and magazines.

A few years ago when the “Jersey Shore” became a big hit, you couldn’t find a magazine that didn’t have Snooki or one of her other cast mates on the cover. Today pictures of the crew are few and far between as front page enticements. Will a trip to Italy change all this? Are the fans willing to see them drink, fight, sleep around, and be obnoxious on another continent? This might just be what the producers are hoping for.

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