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The Jolie - Pitt clan put one New Orleans deli in the news

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are reunited once again in New Orleans. Brad is on location filming “Cogan’s Trade” and he was in the “Big Easy” alone up until Angelina and the kids arrival this weekend. Angelina and the rest of the Jolie - Pitt brood have moved into their French Quarter home and the town is buzzing with Jolie - Pitt family sightings.

Maddox 9, Pax 7, and Zahara 6, Shiloh 4, and Knox and Vivienne are 2 years old and have all been traveling as a group since they have been adopted or born into the Jolie - Pitt clan. This weekend was no different in New Orleans as the family takes up the entire sidewalk as they glide through the downtown area.

People Magazine reports that the Jolie - Pitt family will call New Orleans their home for the next few weeks while Brad is filming in that city.

The Jolie - Pitt family has brought priceless advertising to one Louisiana eatery. The “VertiMarte Deli” in New Orleans not only has the proverbial seal of approval from Brad Pitt, but the Jolie - Pitt family eat at this establishment often when in town. On Sunday as one of Hollywood’s most famous families took their walk through the streets of “The Big Easy” they had a destination. They were going to have lunch at the “VertiMarte Deli.”

Brad Pitt enjoys the shrimp po-boy sandwiches that this Deli creates. This very tiny deli is getting nationwide attention because it is a place the entire Jolie - Pitt family frequents. This is both in person and also with deliveries to their home.

It is amazing what the media, television or even a movie can do for a business. About a year ago, AMC’s Mad Men mentioned the “Griswold Inn” in Essex Connecticut in a 2 second sentence. This award winning show is set in the 1960’s and one of the couples in the show decided to get away for the weekend and booked a room at “The Griswold.”

This fleeting mention of one of the oldest bread and breakfast inn’s in the nation, brought major attention to the establishment. One year later, one of the owner’s, Geoffrey Paul, reports that customers still mention hearing the name “Griswold Inn” on “Mad Men.”

The Jolie - Pitts will most likely do the same for their favorite little New Orleans deli. The paparazzi will not be the only one trolling the deli that the Jolie - Pitt family frequents, chances are many fans of the couple will have lunch there at least one time this week!

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