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Justin Bieber's hair clippings and you together in a portrait - no joke

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Justin Bieber’s hair clippings are making an appearance for you to have your picture taken with. Yes, this is true.

Justin Bieber’s hair will be making an appearance in Miami so you can have your picture taken with pieces of his locks. Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge in Miami will put the clippings from Justin Bieber’s last hair cut on display and if you want your picture taken with what is left of his swishy hair-do, it is going to cost you.

The hair that came off Justin Bieber’s head is talked about as if it were a coveted religious article. Never the less, tweens and teens will be lining up to get their pictures with hair that has been cut off the golden boy’s head.

How far are fans willing to go when it comes to Justin Bieber? Will we see offers for getting a picture taken with his finger nail clippings next, or how about the lint out of his belly button? Justin Bieber bi-products may be the next big thing, or at least getting a picture next to one of those bi-products may be?

How is this going to go over with parents when their 13 year old daughter asks for a handful of cash to go get her picture taken with Justin Bieber’s hair. Will parents stay straight faced as they reach into their wallets, or will the not reach at all and have one good belly laugh thinking about the idea of such a thing?

This might work out well for Justin Bieber. If he gets wind of what is going on with his hair clippings, he may get a few ideas. He could spend so much more time with his girlfriend Selena Gomez and just send pieces of his bi-products on tour. He can sell tickets and the kids can look at his hair, lint, and fingernail clippings for hours on the stage.

All kidding aside, the money is going for a good cause. The proceeds will be donated to the Japan Tsunami relief fund, but putting his hair up for a photo opportunity still does sound a bit over the edge.

One celebrity site even talks about how to make a day out of going to get your picture taken with Justin Bieber’s hair. Celebs Gather suggests “grab a few of your best friends, play your favorite Justin Bieber CD on the drive over and donate to a very important cause.” This sounds great, except the majority of Justin Bieber fans are not old enough to drive!

Reference: Celebs Gather


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