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Katy Perry shocked about Russell Brands sex addiction

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Katy Perry was shocked when she learned about her new husband, Russell Brand’s sexual past.

Brand felt he had to come clean to his true love and when he told Katy that he would have sex with as many as five different women a day she was shocked. Russell admits he has a "sex addiction.

Russell says Katy is “a pretty solid person” and had no idea that he was a womanizer. Russell says that Katy is not from England, so she did not know how popular he was in England, much more so than in the states. So apparently the five girls a day and sex 20 times a week came easy for the English celebrity comedian and actor.

Now that he is married, Russell said he is having a lot less sex, but he has found another outlet to take the place of sex. This would be honing in on his green thumb! “I can’t believe I had sex 20 times a week, especially now that I am married, but now I’m a bloody good gardener,” Brand says.

When Brand was asked if he will be able to stay with one woman the rest of his life, he equated it to his former heroin and alcohol addiction and says like anything else you take it one day at a time. “Of course, marriage is for life and that’s what I wanted, but anything for the rest of your life can be daunting,” said the ex-oversexed comedian and new home gardener /actor.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding last year was a one of a kind celebrity wedding, which took place in India with tents, elephants and a just a spectacular affair all around.

The affair had only 85 quests and they soaked up the culture of India with henna tattoos, camels, along with many other customary ways in India.

Before Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married they met with a marriage therapist. Among many other things they made a promise to each other that they would not go to nightclubs without each other.

The guests of Katy and Russell’s wedding were all put up in the Aman-I-Khas and had saris and turbans sent to everyone’s room to wear at the rehearsal dinner.

After the wedding in one of Katy Perry’s first interviews since the wedding, she told Harpers Bazaar that her husband, Russell Brand, was a “great man of God.” She truly appeared smitten by the love of this man. She also told the magazine that she always knew she wanted a “great man of God,” someone who is going to be a great inspiration in people and will make a good husband and father.”

It sounds like the two have a solid marriage. Brand coming clean with his over sexed life before settling down with the woman of his dreams is keeping within the honesty a marriage needs. They both talk as if they adore one another and this is the stuff that makes a marriage work.

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