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Kirstie Alley shows up looking like a bag lady for DWTS practice

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Kirstie Alley, who has the object of a distasteful joke from George Lopez a few days ago, has taken her looks to a new height, or should it be low.

Kirstie Alley showed up for “DWTS” rehearsal looking like a bag lady, with holes in her clothes, mismatched sandals and her hair all in tangles. She looked as if she had been sleeping on the streets for weeks.

George Lopez compared Kirstie Alley to a pig on his late night talk show a few days ago, but has since offered up an apology. The incident got ugly when Kirstie refused the apology and told Lopez to ‘give his kidney back to his wife.”

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Lopez’s wife had saved his life a few years back by giving him one of her kidneys. The rumor says he cheated on her causing their divorce a few months ago. Kirstie was hitting below the belt, literally when she told the late night funny man to “give his kidney back.”

Kirstie’s outfit, along with her very disheveled look yesterday, might have been her way of saying she doesn’t care what people think of her, but as the website Mail Online writes, she “didn’t do herself any favors dressing like this.” Kirstie was very much a contrast of her “DWTS” all done up appearance on Monday night.

Kirstie’s clothes had holes in them, not a “peek a boo” kind of look, they were real old and worn out holes. She really did look she was going out of her way to look like a street person. She topped it off with shoes that didn’t match, which really pulled her discarded looking outfit together.

Kirstie has vowed to lose 30 pounds while doing the “DWTS” show. She has already dropped some weight from the 3-4 hour a day dance practices.

The unfortunate incident with Lopez this week did not seem to bother Kirstie Alley. She was able to pick up right where she left off without missing a beat. The incident did nothing for Lopez but make him look idiot and crude.

Kirstie was one of the surprises on Monday night’s “DWTS.” She is 60 and overweight but beat out the much younger fitter crowd when it came to dancing. She got raving comments from the judges, along with some of the better scores for the evening.

Now if Kirstie can only pull herself together with some all together clothes, she will be a winner all the way around!

Reference: Mail Online

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