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Nene Leake's Celebrity Apprentice save by claws from Motown

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Nene Leakes stepped up as project manager on “Celebrity Apprentice” this week, and thanks to a change of strategy from Donald Trump, Nene Leakes is still part of the cast.

“Celebrity Apprentice” women just cannot win. This week again the claws came out and the project becomes a battle ground of controlling women. Nene Leakes as project manager should have gone home, if “Celebrity Apprentice” followed this season’s trend of project managers going out the door after leading their team to a loss.

Nene Leakes was saved when Dionne Warwick’s indignant early departure from the team caught Donald Trump’s eye. Warwick walked away from the team and went back to the “Celebrity Apprentice” digs when the going got tough.

Nene Leakes, who dished out some horrendous words towards her “Celebrity Apprentice” team mate Star Jones on “Ellen” last week, still has not shown her claws to the extent seen on her reality show “The Real Housewives.” This week it was Star Jones and Marlee Matlin that did all the work. The others took a back seat in the competition.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” Competition was to create a 30 second commercial to showcase a new video. The directions given to the team by the ad exec’s was to develop a concept connecting parents to a child in a faraway country.

The women, lead by Nene Leakes choose to use emotion, while the men, with Lil’ Jon as project manager, choose to use the handsome Jose Cosenco to play a man’s surprise lover. The edgier idea concocted by the men won out. The men have drama too, but it is the women who just cannot relinquish control to one another that are imploding as the weeks go by.

Nene Leakes as project manager was saved by Donald Trump this week, and with Dione Warwick gone, the ladies might have a chance to win next week. It would have been hard for “Celebrity Apprentice” ratings if Nene Leakes were fired this week. Donald Trump would have no way of knowing for sure just how popular Nene would become at this point in the show. The “Celebrity Apprentice” is taped, so at the time of Dionne Warwick’s firing, Trump would not have known that Nene would b the number one name in the headlines from this season so far.

Trump did not get where he is today by “guessing” so chances are he did his homework, or had his homework done for him in the way of which celebrity was expected to be the most popular this season. “Celebrity Apprentice” women might realize at this point in the competition that they are working against each other. Hopefully next week, the fact that the have not won a competition yet might make them take a look at their inability to work together and change some attitudes.

One thing for sure, it is about time the real Nene Leaks comes forward, maybe with one queen bee out of the hive, Nene will start showing her “Real Housewives” face?

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