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Nurse Jackie season 3 premiere: Jackie rises from the ashes

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“Nurse Jackie” season 3 starts tonight and it picks up where we left the pill popping, two timing, Mother Teresa for the under dog, which was in a boiling bat of hot water .

The popular “Nurse Jackie,” who is as much as a saint as she is evil will return tonight exposed for the drug addict that she really is. Kevin, Jackie’s husband, found out about her problem at the close of last season. As Jackie’s world came crumbling in on her, the camera’s shut off and the fans had to wait until tonight to see “Nurse Jackie’s” destiny.

“Nurse Jackie” opens up tonight with an intervention going on and Jackie standing in the bathroom trying to figure out her next move while in an emotional state. Jackie is an addict and she is able to do what many addicts can do, talk their way out of it. She is able to explain away the pharmacy purchases, to both Kevin and her best friend O’Hara. Even the tough Akalitus appears to back down.

The show would not be the same with “Nurse Jackie” going to rehab. She has to connive for pills, among other things in life, to keep the show what it is. The appeal of “Nurse Jackie” is that there is a saintly like woman on the outside, with the work she does in the ER, but she is not that much different than the street addicts, and cheating spouses of the world. This good / evil depiction lets people relate to her on a level unlike any TV character before her.

“Nurse Jackie” is more common than one would like to think. The housewives, businessmen, doctors, nurses, politicians, and the list goes on of people secretly addicted to pain pills or tranquilizers without a soul around them knowing this. It is an epidemic in the nation today, one that plays out a lot like “Nurse Jackie.” She normalizes this behavior for many.

Just because you enjoy “Nurse Jackie” doesn’t mean you have a problem with drugs, but “Nurse Jackie” makes having dark secrets normal, and there are not many people on this earth without at least one or two secrets. People recognize themselves in the good/bad behaviors of Jackie.

Zoey, who has slowly emerged as a character who might eventually earn the title co-star, starts to have more storylines of her own in season 3. She is so wrapped up in her relationship this season that it is like watching a kid in a candy store.

Kevin’s revelation that no one at the hospital knew that Jackie was married sparks some doubts with Kevin. Zoey, who tends to drain every last morsel out of a subject is relentless when telling Kevin he is not Jackie’s husband because she is not married. She even asks for an ID.

For the fans that were worried that “Nurse Jackie” season 3 will take place behind the doors of a rehab, this does not seem to happen, not in the first few episodes anyway. “Nurse Jackie” appears to have set herself free to go on with her deceitful, yet saintly ways.

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