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'Shameless' season 1 finale brings on the epitome of shame

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'Shameless' season 1 finale is tonight on Showtime. This runaway hit and quite possibly the most entertaining hour on television.

The family is “Shameless” and it is a good thing they are, it is the lack of shame that has allowed the Gallagher’s to survive. Tonight’s episode titled, “Father Frank Full of Grace,” is a play on words and comes with the most shocking behavior seen out of the patriarch Frank yet.

Fiona does not know which way to turn this evening, Steve has to leave town and wants Fiona to come with him. In the mean time, last week’s “Shameless” episode had Ian and Lip arrested and in jail. Now it falls upon Fiona to figure out a way to get these two out.

The cops at the station are amazed that Lip and Ian are Frank Gallagher’s kids because they have made it to this point so far without a police record.

Fiona, who should rightfully be able to go with Steve and start a life at her age, will never leave her siblings that she has been raising since her mother left them and is now living with her truck driver lesbian girlfriend. Frank, the father is such an alcoholic that most days he is urine stained and smelling like vomit, so he has nothing to offer the family.

Fiona has yet to find out that Steve steals cars for a living and that Ian and Lip are in jail because they were in a stolen car.

One of the things to come out of Showtime’s “Shameless” is some really excellent new actors on the scene. Each one of the actors that play the roles of the Gallagher kids have amazing acting abilities.

Frank Gallagher is played by William H. Macy, but never ever have you seen him like this before. If his role does not land him at least 3 awards this year, something is wrong in Hollywood.

Then there is Emmy Rossum, who is another contender for every award offered in the world of television. Her portrayal of Fiona Gallagher is close to seeing Eddie Falco as Carmen Soprano. It is as an amazing transformation along with phenomenal acting abilities that Rossum pulls from to create Fiona Gallagher. Her diamond in the rough character pulls at your heart strings when the scope of what she has to contend with is realized during some of the “Shameless” episodes.

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