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Deep-fried soup: Yes, it is real and Japanese KFC's have it on the menu

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They've finally gone and found a way to deep fry soup. Yes, soup. In fact, it's on the menu at KFC. Yes, KFC. But you'll have to do some traveling to order this new menu item. Farther even than Kentucky.

Now, it stands to reason that the first deep-fried soup would be offered by a fast food restaurant -- kind of. Several of their food items are already deep-fried (French fries, chicken nuggets, various other things). But you would have thought that some southern restaurant in the U. S. would have come up with it first. And although it isn't actually clear where the idea originated, it is Japanese KFC restaurants that will debut deep-fried soup on their menu.

The Daily Mail reported this week that KFC Japan was intent on cashing in on one of the latest food crazes to sweep the island nation -- corn potage. What they've done is wrap it in batter and deep-fried it. And voila! Deep-fried soup.

The creamy soup stays hot and creamy while the batter fries into a crispy golden shell. And it is the corn potage's thickness that allows it to be so prepared. Otherwise, there would nothing but a soupy mess.

The corn potage craze swept Japan earlier this year, the demand growing to the point that restaurants that carried the soup couldn't keep it in stock.

So, of course, somebody had to try to deep fry it. Why not? They've already deep-fried butter and ice cream, so soup was bound to fall sooner or later.

The new item went on sale in Japan on Sept. 5. So if you're traveling to Japan anytime soon (because deep-fried soup is only being offered for a limited time -- for now) and black foot-long hot dogs and Pepper Bacon Doritos aren't on your list of things to do, perhaps stopping into a KFC for a little American twist on a Japanese food fad can be fitted in somewhere.

And although deep frying soup does sound like a southern thang, it should be pointed out that the origin of the idea of deep-fried soup does come from a company that was once called Kentucky Fried Chicken and known for its southern deep-fried style of preparing chicken.

(photo credit: KFC Japan, promotional use)