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K-Cup Soup: Brew a cup of Campbell's soup with your coffee maker

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Who doesn't love K-cup technology -- inject a stream of hot water through the contents of a small cup-shaped container to make coffee? Well, Campbell's Soup Co. heard an opportunity knocking with the drip of the Keurig coffee machines.

The Keurig K-cup is a nice, convenient, tidy, efficient way to brew a cup of coffee. And it has been embraced by millions of consumers. In fact, there are entire sections of supermarkets given over to K-cup packets and multi-packs. And where some simply see a great way to get a single cup of coffee without having to deal with the leftovers of a multi-cup pot, others see a way to get other products hydrated for consumption.

Like soup.

Campbell's Soup has, the Associated Press reported Sept. 5, announced it would soon offer K-cups of its famous brand of soup to be used in the single-serve coffee machines. The K-cups will contain broth that will be heated and poured over dehydrated noodles and various soup ingredients.

The new K-cup soup product will be available to be used in the Green Mountain version of the single-cup coffee makers.

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Green Mountain assures consumers that their machines are made to cleanse the system as it brews, therefore eliminating an interim cleaning process to ensure that the one's coffee doesn't end up tasting like chicken broth -- and vice versa.

Campbell's Soup Co. and Green Mountain have announced an initial launch of three flavors next year. Two of those will be Chicken Broth and Chicken Noodle.

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The idea for using K-cup coffee makers to brew a cup of soup came from Campbell's Soup's CEO Denise Morrison, she told the Associated Press in a phone interview. She said she took the idea to Green Mountain a couple of years ago. Since then the idea has gone through a vetting process with consumers.

Green Mountain CEO Brian Kelley said, "Consumers told us we should put Campbell soup in these machines."

Neither executive would comment on whether or not there would be an exclusivity deal concerning the K-cup soups, a move that would force other soup companies to go elsewhere for a similar product.

(photo credit: Campbell's Soup, Wikimedia Commons)