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American Idol 2011 Goes For Motown Sound

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Tonight, American Idol 2011 goes for the Motown sound, decidedly an ideal genre for at least one of the remaining eleven contestants: Jacob Lusk

While others may conquer rock numbers with abandon (like James Durbin and Casey Abrams), Lusk is a soul singer who should catch a break on this evening's performance episode of the popular Fox television show. That is, if Lusk can control his pitch problems while finding his passion with an R&B hit that makes this American Idol contender shine.

Also hoping to shine, as well as to stay away from the bottom three spots where they landed last week are Haley Reinhart and Naimi Adedapo, both of whom need to step up their American Idol game in order to continue on with the show. These women captured hearts and the judge's interest during auditions, but since hitting the big AI stage, neither has really belted a winning number.

With that being said, Lauren Alaina is a wild card in tonight's competition, with a lot of hope being put on this power singer who does pop but can also blast tunes from the past when called upon. And chances are both Pia Toscano and Thia Megia will also stand the test of the Motown sound tonight since these American Idol contestants each possess voices that can make the leap from one genre to the other without a lot of worry.

Speaking of worry, one Scott McCreery, a country crooner with a sound lower than anyone has ever heard on American Idol up until this season, may have reason to panic -- or not. Perhaps he will take on a Temptations hit, focusing on the vocals specific to his particular and peculiar range.

Meanwhile, Paul McDonald will likely show off some skill and his own spin on the chosen genre tonight, if only because of his distinctive sound. And if Stefano Langone can pull of another surprise performance like he did last week, this handsome singer will likely be able to continue in the competition.

That leaves the aforementioned James Durbin and Casey Abrams, both of whom really need to work their chopes as they enter the world of R&B, at least for one night.

Yes, in just a short time on the American Idol stage, the Motown sound is going to be heard loud and clear, coming out of the small screen and into the living rooms of millions of fans of this popular Fox show. And since the outcome of almost all AI 2011 fate lies in their voting hands, this is one week when it's tough to call a loser, or a winner either for that matter.

Since the songs from the 60s that started in Detroit can be tough to translate, and since even a Jacob Lusk may have trouble pulling off with all the power and distinctiveness of the original singers who came out of Michigan and onto the world stage back when Diana Ross was a supreme, only time will tell who nails it and who fails it. Hopefully, tonight will be a good night for everyone on American Idol season 12.

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