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10-year-old soccer player arrested for hard foul [VIDEO]

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A boy in Hong Kong recently found out that repercussions for violent soccer fouls can go beyond yellow and red cards.

In a surprise twist to an ugly scene at a youth soccer game, a 10-year-old player was arrested for his actions during a recent match.

In the video of the incident, which can be seen below, a 12-year-old native Chinese player on team Kitchee Escola is taken down for a foul. Before he can get up, a 10-year-old player on the English Schools Foundation (ESF) team comes up and forcefully kicks the player in the face, sending him back to the ground.

As the video demonstrates, this clearly was not an isolated incident and the buildup is not something you'd expect at such a young level of soccer.

Earlier in the season, Kitchee Escola trounced ESF, a team made up of expatriates, running up the score to 16-0. Needless to say, the ESF players were slightly perturbed, and throughout the rematch, their team committed several brutal fouls against Kitchee Escola. Fans and parents watching the game had to be calmed down on multiple occasions to prevent an all out brawl.

But the foul that led to the arrest was certainly the most heinous of the bunch. After the ugly incident, fans and coaches came on to the field as the referee tries to maintain some type of order.

The boy who was arrested was released on bail Monday. The parents of the victim, who suffered no serious injuries, were the ones who filed the charges.

The head of the Kitchee Escola team, Ken Ng, is trying to downplay the incident.

"Don't read too much into it. It's one boy kicking another boy," Ng said, according to CBS News.

The ESF squad's head said his side would cooperate fully with any further investigation by police.

Arresting athletes for incidents that take place on the pitch is something typically debated when it happens in professional leagues. Hockey players who use their sticks as weapons or basketball players who enter the stands have been previously charged with crimes. Earlier this college basketball season, Xavier and Cincinnati players engaged in a brawl, and the threat of criminal charges never materialized.

But the case of a youth soccer player being arrested may be unprecedented. Surely everyone has seen some awkward fouls at a children's soccer game, but these are typically the result of clumsy, uncoordinated kids missing the ball, and nothing as vicious as witnessed in Hong Kong.

There is no word on the boy's playing status or the possibility of these teams meeting again down the road.

The play in question begins at 1:32 in the video below.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Video Source: Youtube (hkgolden0)

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