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Burger King bringing bacon sundaes to a store near you

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A lot of people like bacon, and a lot of people like soft serve. Put them both together? Well, we'll see, but Burger King thinks it is a match made in heaven.

The fast food giant, which has completely revamped its menu over the past few months, is again looking to tickle the taste buds of its customers. And this time, Burger King is stepping outside the box to deliver an unexpected dessert.

After testing a bacon sundae in select restaurants in Tennessee, Burger King is ready to bring the sweet and salty dessert to folks nationwide. The creamy dish features vanilla soft serve ice cream, chocolate fudge, caramel syrup, real hardwood-smoked bacon crumbles and a bacon strip for good measure.

Evidently, the product tested well during its limited release, as Burger King reports the bacon sundae will be available for a limited time only this summer.

Those daring enough to try the interesting concoction will have to do so at the expense of their low-calorie diets. The bacon sundae comes packed with 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar. By comparison, Burger King's basic chocolate fudge sundae holds 280 calories, seven grams of fat and 43 grams of sugar.

The bacon sundae joins other, more traditional menu additions this summer. Sweet potato fries and frozen lemonade will be offered at Burger King, as will a trio of new sandwiches: the Memphis pulled pork BBQ sandwich, Carolina BBQ chicken/Whopper sandwich and Texas BBQ chicken/Whopper sandwich.

These new foods join an already fresh menu that received 10 new items in April. Fresh fruit smoothies, premium coffee drinks and a new line of salads were among the new additions to Burger King restaurants. To get the word out about those, the company launched an ad campaign featuring Jay Leno and David Beckham.

Burger King plans to create new advertisements for the bacon sundae starting Thursday. The company has already changed its slogan from "Have It Your Way" to "Taste Is King."

BK isn't the first major food retailer to experiment with the ever-popular bacon in its desserts. Denny's created a maple bacon sundae as part of its "Baconalia" celebration, while Jack in the Box developed a bacon milkshake. However, the milkshake only featured bacon-flavored syrup and no actual bacon went into the dessert.

Brave enough to try to the new Burger King delicacy?

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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