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'Hangover 3' set for Memorial Day 2013 release

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They are the best three friends that anyone could have, and they're coming back for more mayhem next year.

Warner Bros. made an official announcement Thursday that a third movie in the "Hangover" series will be released in 2013. The film is set to hit theaters during Memorial Day weekend (May 24).

Director Todd Phillips will be involved in the project, as will the previous movies' main stars. Bradley Cooper (Phil), Zack Galafianakis (Alan) and Ed Helms (Stu) will return for yet another movie full of adventure and mischief.

While no firm details have been released regarding the location or plot of the third installment, The Hollywood Reporter reported that a recent draft of the film's script revealed a Los Angeles setting. Additionally, THR claims the next movie will not contain the typical "Hangover" storyline of a forgotten weekend of risky behavior.

The "Hangover" series has proven to be a money-making machine. The original 2009 release earned $467 million nationwide, while last year's sequel grossed even more at $580 million. The sequel, like the upcoming third movie, was released on Memorial Day weekend, perhaps helping its box office numbers.

With the success of the films, Cooper, Galafianakis and Helms have hoped to be compensated accordingly. THR reported that each actor wanted a $15 million payday to complete the third movie. According to IMDB, the estimated budget for the first two movies was a combined $115 million with the second movie more than twice that of the first.

Fans hoping the wild trio will continue making movies, perhaps completing a world tour of crazy weekends, will be disappointed to learn that next year's part three is the final planned installment of the "Hangover" franchise.

In 2009's original, Phil, Alan and Stu travel with their groom-to-be friend to Las Vegas to throw a bachelor party for the ages. But when none can remember the night or find their friend, craziness ensues as the friends try to piece together the events of the past day.

Last year's sequel moved to Hong Kong for the wedding of Stu, but as expected, nothing seems to go as planned. In addition to the main trio, Justin Bartha (Doug), Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow) and Mike Tyson returned for appearances in the second movie.

Craig Mazin, who helped create the screen play for the sequel, will return to work with Phillips on the final movie.

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