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Hell's Kitchen: 13 chefs remain, but who can actually win?

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With 13 chefs remaining in Hell's Kitchen, it is time to start asking yourself: Which of these people could actually win this thing?

As Danielle received her final "Get Out!" from Chef Ramsay, the Hell's Kitchen field narrowed to an even baker's dozen. As is typically the case in the show's history, the first half of the season is spent weeding out some of the hopeless chefs who never stood a chance.

While some weeding out still needs to go on, some chefs are quietly establishing themselves as legitimate contenders to win this season of Hell's Kitchen. Here's how the remaining 13 stack up.


Christina: Christina has done an unbelievable job -- not just in the kitchen, but of staying out of any considerable conflict on the red team, and there have certainly been plenty of those. In the kitchen, Christina has performed well. And you can tell she has leadership skills that will come to the surface as this contest progresses.

Clemenza: Clemenza can cook, no denying that. And aside from the occasional emotional blow-up, he has a chance to be a solid leader. The only thing that could keep him from winning Hell's Kitchen is his physical condition. It already manifested itself in Week 1 -- the wheezing after making his signature dish. Can he handle the daily rigors of being head chef?


Dana: If Dana can avoid getting caught up in the red team's infighting, she has a chance. She's energetic, assertive and generally does a solid job during service.

Guy: Guy is a wildcard. He seems to have a temper, but he has managed to stay relatively calm during service and challenges. Aside from that, he shows solid cooking skills -- especially in appealing to the female fashion judge who caught his eye (wink, wink).

Justin: Very quiet season so far for Justin. But that's not a bad thing. No run-ins with Chef Ramsay or his teammates, hasn't been up for elimination and hasn't fallen on his face during cooking challenges. He'll need to emerge to have a shot.

Robyn: If she wasn't so annoying, Robyn may have a chance. She's constantly finding herself in the middle of bickering, and it's overshadowing her typically solid performances in the challenges and services.

Patrick: Hmm, what to make of Patrick. He's not incompetent and you can tell he cares, as evidenced by his crying after getting kicked out of service this week. But something's missing right now. He's the leader, but not that assertive.


Brian: Brian is a strange cat. You never know when he's going to put his foot in his mouth next (Who can forget him calling Chef Ramsay "baby" during last week's service?). While he was one of two in the blue kitchen to actually make it through Monday's dinner service, it's seemingly only a matter of time before he angers Chef Ramsay to the point of elimination.

Kimmie: Kimmie can cook, but how can someone so emotional and with that attitude be put in charge of a professional kitchen? It can't happen. She has shown a propensity for throwing teammates under the bus, and while her skills will help her stay on, she'll need a total attitude shift to impress Chef Ramsay.

Roshni: Two weeks ago, Roshni would have been in the final category without question. But she seems to have taken a liking to the blue team. She came out of her shell during the reward trip and performed well during dinner service. Still hard to picture her as a head chef but has stepped up her game.

Tiffany: Terrible attitude and a mediocre chef -- not a good recipe for success. Cooking deep-fried food for a group of fashion critics showed her lack of intelligence in the kitchen.


Barbie: Barbie got off to a terrible start in Hell's Kitchen, angering her entire team with a lack of cooking skills. She nearly got attacked -- and rightfully so -- for stomping around as a 5 a.m. wake-up call. She again found herself up for elimination, and it's because she lacks the kitchen skills needed to win. Not Gordon Ramsay material.

Royce: Talk about all bark, no bite. Royce thinks he's the hottest chef in the kitchen, even volunteering to take over as leader. Not surprisingly, nobody was on board with that. Royce can't handle his station, let alone running a whole kitchen.

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What's the prize for the winner? Since Christian has done a great job, do you think he may be the winner?

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