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'Hell's Kitchen:' Clemenza finds some unlikely allies

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The roof was caving in on Clemenza. As he stood in front of Chef Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen, he listened as each and every one of his teammates said he needed to go.

The hefty chef did what anybody in his position would do -- he begged for his life. Clemenza showed his passion to Chef Ramsay. And while his team stood silently behind him, Clemenza picked up a host of new unexpected fans.

The red team.

With the women visibily rooting him on, Clemenza laid out why he deserved to stay in Hell's Kitchen. The impassioned plea clearly appealed to Chef Ramsay, and when he told Clemenza to get back in line, Clemenza received high-fives and congratulations from his red counterparts. Meanwhile, Guy trudged out, eliminated for scorching meat and losing his focus in the presence of good-looking models.

So what are the ramifications of Monday's "Hell's Kitchen" episode?

In the short term, things will be slightly uneasy in the blue kitchen. Clemenza certainly had a dinner service to forget. He began by foolishly pre-cooking scallops for upcoming orders and then found himself in a scallop avalanche with orders piling up. And despite the likelihood that nobody else in the blue kitchen would have fared any better, it was Clemenza's neck on the line.

Clemenza has been a steady chef, and clearly everyone jumped on the "eliminate Clemenza" bandwagon to save their own place and get rid of a tough competitor. But what they may have done could have the reverse effect. Firing up Clemenza, who may have needed an extra kick in the pants, could make him a formidable foe for the remainder of the season.

Additionally, Clemenza clearly earned the respect of the red kitchen. And while alliances are far less important in 'Hell's Kitchen' than in some other reality shows, having friends down the line will not hurt. If the choice to put someone up for elimination comes down to Clemenza and someone else, his chefmates may save his life.

In other developments...

* Robyn continues to establish herself as the villain of the season, although Tiffany may give her a run for her money. Robyn seems hell-bent on creating conflict with everyone on the team. If Christina says she doesn't need help, maybe it means (gasp) that she just doesn't need help.

* Speaking of Tiffany, deflecting your station work to another teammate is a rookie move that clearly shows she has no chance of case there was any doubt.

* Patrick did a great job of pointing out everyone else's mistakes without really doing much himself. Not the best leadership quality.

* How Royce avoided the chopping block is perhaps the biggest mystery of the episode. Chef Ramsay even tried to keep him out of harm's way by putting him at the pass, and he couldn't even properly plate a dish. But per usual, Royce thought he was the MVP. That bubble is going to burst very, very soon.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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