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'Hell's Kitchen' Power Rankings: 11 chefs remain, but are only two worthy?

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With the blue team taking another one on the chin in Hell's Kitchen, 11 chefs remain. But outside of the top two, are there really any chefs who can contend for the crown?

Roshni met her inevitable fate in Tuesday's episode, failing to sway Chef Gordon Ramsay with a tearful final plea. As Chef Ramsay pointed out, Roshni was small in stature, and unfortunately, her ability in the kitchen matched her size.

Several chefs still deserve the old heave-ho, but in the meantime, a couple have risen to the top and proved to be legitimate contenders to win this season of Hell's Kitchen.

With five blues and six reds remaining, here is how they stack up in this week's power rankings.

1. Christina
Christina again proved her superiority by earning the only three-star rating for her lobster dish in Tuesday's challenge. She's focused on her work and avoids conflict, but you can tell she's feisty enough to take charge of a kitchen.

2. Justin
Chef Ramsay loves chefs who take risks, and that's exactly what Justin did with his monk fish ravioli in the challenge. And he pulled it off. Justin is starting to separate himself from the pack.

3. Dana
Dana has established herself right above average during dinner services, having never drawn the wrath of Chef Ramsay. She needs to distinguish herself in challenges and prove she has a gift in the kitchen.

4. Clemenza
Clemenza is slipping. With two straight poor performances -- buried by scallops and done in by appetizers -- he's found himself as an elimination target by his team. He's at a make-or-break point in the season where he needs to back up his talk with strong performances in the kitchen.

5. Patrick
This is where the rankings take a significant dive. Patrick, as a self-appointed leader, is already proving he has few leadership skills, as he has taken a back seat while his team has flopped the past few weeks. He barely survived Tuesday's episode, and if there wasn't so much mediocrity below him, his end would be near.

6. Brian
As a leader of a kitchen? Not a chance, but Brian provides entertainment value. He's goofy and self-confident, which makes for some interesting times in the kitchen.

7. Kimmie
Kimmie is very emotional. While she has her strong suits, her life in Hell's Kitchen resembles a teeter-totter -- emotions up and down, performance up and down. It seems safe to bank on her exit soon.

8. Robyn
Yikes. Besides boring Sugar Ray Leonard to tears with her life story, Robyn put her foot in her mouth at the challenge by declaring her hatred of beets. Her mouth will get her booted before long.

9. Tiffany
Tiffany is on another planet during dinner service -- slow to respond to questions, putting utensils on her face before using them on food and deflecting work to teammates. Can you imagine her running a professional kitchen? Nobody can.

10. Barbie
Barbie has actually improved over the course of the season. And judging by where she stands, that's a sad statement to make.

11. Royce
Royce is a sloppy chef who has already been seen this season wiping plates with a dirty towel, including a hair in his dish and leaving in undesirable parts of a lobster when cooking for gourmet chefs. The only shock with Royce is that the blue team hasn't put him up for elimination the past two weeks.

So outside of Christina and Justin, who has the best shot to rise up and win Hell's Kitchen?

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