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Injured model Lauren Scruggs receives prosthetic eye

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Lauren Scruggs continues to take steps forward in her recovery from a life-threatening airplane propeller accident.

Scruggs, who lost her left eye and left hand in the accident, received a prosthetic eye this week. She was fitted for the new eye on Saturday.

Cheryl Scruggs, Lauren's mother, has been sharing the recovery process with those concerned on Cheryl updated the situation with an entry Thursday.

"Last Saturday was a big day," Cheryl wrote. "Jeff, myself, Lo and Britt showed up at 9am at the ocularist. We didn't know what to expect, other than it would be an all day process from 9am -5pm. Another new step..... the time had come for Lo to be fitted for her prosthetic eye."

"She was fitted and measured. The ocularist carefully painted and shaped the new eye. By 5pm, it was done, and her new eye was in place. It is beautiful."

Cheryl went on to write that Lauren met with a prosthetic arm expert this week as she prepares for yet another step in the recovery.

It has been a long road back for Lauren, both physically and, as Cheryl has documented, emotionally.

Lauren was exiting a small aircraft in Texas on Dec. 3 when she walked into the plane's propeller. The horrific accident caused serious injury to the left side of Lauren's body. Doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas were able to save Lauren's life, but two weeks after the accident, her eye had to be removed.

Last month, a smiling Lauren was photographed outside of the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas, the first photos taken of Lauren since the accident. Her rehab has progressed to the point where she is walking without any visible impairment.

Physically, Lauren continues to improve, but dealing with the emotional nature of the accident has been tough for all members of the family.

"Lo's physical pain has subsided a great deal," Cheryl wrote Thursday. "It is now the emotional pain that is the tough one."

One outlet for Lauren has been via Twitter. The model has been re-tweeting and replying to followers who have sent messages of encouragement. This week, Lauren re-tweeted messages from Bethany Hamilton, the 21-year-old professional surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack and still returned to the sport.

Image Source: Twitter

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