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Lady Gaga bonked on head by falling pole, suffers concussion [VIDEO]

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Lady Gaga seemingly always gives her fans something to talk about at her infamous concerts. Her show Sunday was no exception.

Performing at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, as part of her "Born This Way Ball" concert tour, Lady Gaga gave her fans a minor scare when she was nailed in the head by a pole.

The incident, which can be viewed below, occurred Sunday. While singing her hit single "Judas," Lady Gaga was standing near the front of the stage when a backup dancer approached. As he began to remove a prop pole from the stage, the pole fell and struck Lady Gaga right on top of the head.

The flamboyant singer briefly appears woozy, touching her head for a moment before retreating backstage. The dancer, meanwhile, appears totally unaware of his flub, continuing his procession across the stage.

But like a true performer, Lady Gaga returned to the stage after gathering herself.

“I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion," Lady Gaga told the audience. "But don’t you worry, I will finish this show.”

The singer went on to perform 16 more songs. After the show concluded, she was apparently checked out by medical staff and a concussion diagnosis was confirmed by her makeup artist, Tara Savelo.

"Gaga has a concussion but she is going to be okay," Savelo tweeted. "She wants u to know she loves u. I'm taking care of her.cant believe she finished the show"

Lady Gaga's tour resumes Wednesday in Brisbane, Australia. No word has been given regarding her status for that show, but given her performance after the accident Sunday, it seems safe to assume she will not miss the concert. Lady Gaga will be in Australia through July 8, performing at four different venues across the country.

Her "Born This Way Ball" tour started in April in South Korea. The elaborate shows, which consist of five acts and an encore, have drawn the ire of several international groups for their content.

A South Korean group called the shows "too pornographic," while a religious organization in the Phillipines deemed Lady Gaga "the symbol of amorality." Gaga had to cancel a show in Jakarta amid backlash from religious conservatives who referred to her as a "kind of devil."

The concert tour wraps up in Barcelona on Oct. 6.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Video Source: YouTube (StrangeNewsTV)

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