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Loose 12-foot python worrying residents at Houston apartment complex [VIDEO]

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There are many reasons why an apartment building may get poor reviews -- bad management, crime, an ant problem. Be sure to add loose pythons to the list.

A group of Houston residents living in the Esplanade Apartment complex are on edge this week after word has spread that a 12-foot python may be on the loose around their residences.

On Wednesday, residents at the apartment were greeted by a letter on their door mats stating that a python was seen in the complex's parking garage. It is apparently unknown who delivered the warning. Management at the apartment told ABC News that it did not leave the warning messages and nobody has reported a missing snake.

Thus, it is a mystery where the python came from. However, one resident said that a member of the apartment's maintenance crew told her the python escaped from a second-floor apartment. Evidently, the massive snake was someone's idea of a cuddly pet. However, the same woman said nobody had an inkling to where the python could be lurking.

Apartment managers have vowed to fully investigate the report, but they have yet to confirm its validity. Residents, who were told to notify apartment staff or animal control if they see the python, have not reported any sightings to authorities.

Despite the fact that nobody has actually seen the python, the report, which very well could be a mean-spirited hoax, has been enough to rile up some residents. Some have expressed that going outside the apartment has become a scary proposition. Others are hoping the python cannot sneak its way into the building. More reaction to the python scare can be seen in the video below.

Unlike some snakes, pythons produce no venom. Instead, they kill prey by sinking their teeth into the victim and then using their constrictive abilities to suffocate the prey. Pythons swallow the victim whole, unhinging their jaws and working the food into the their stomachs for digestion.

For this reason, dogs and cats kept as pets and even any small children at the apartment complex could be in danger if the threat is real.

According to the San Diego Zoo, some pythons can stretch over 30 feet and weigh 250 lbs. They measure around 1-2 feet upon hatching.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Video Source: ABC News

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