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Man's pet lynx attacks his girlfriend inside home

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Animal Control officials are used to dealing with unruly pets who attack their owners. It is safe to say they rarely deal with what they encountered Friday.

In Bellevue, Wash., Animal Control and medical services were called to the scene when a man's pet lynx got loose and attacked the man's girlfriend. The incident happened inside the man's home.

According to reports, the 21-year-old woman was vacuuming inside her boyfriend's house when the lynx he keeps as a pet escaped its cage. For a yet to be determined reason, the lynx attacked the woman, causing severe injuries to her arm. An Animal Control official on scene speculated that the lynx may have been jealous of the girlfriend's presence.

Medical personnel arrived on scene shortly after, but because the lynx was still loose inside the house, they were unable to enter and provide assistance to the injured woman. The lynx owner arrived and locked up his pet, allowing medics to safely enter the home. Animal Control carried out the lynx, a scene that was captured by local news crews.

The woman did not suffer life-threatening injuries and is expected to fully recover. The lynx has been quarantined in a nearby veterinarian's office.

The question becomes, why did the man have a pet lynx? According to KING5 News in Seattle, it is illegal to house a wild cat as a pet in many cases. Neighbors reported that they had seen the lynx pacing inside the house, but nobody reported the infraction to authorities. It is unknown what steps the man was taking to care for the lynx.

According to National Geographic, the lynx is a carnivorous hunter that tends to avoid human contact. In the wild, a lynx will feed on birds, squirrels, mice and other small rodents. The animals can reach up to 44 lbs. and measure about 40 inches long, meaning the lynx is often no bigger than many common pet dogs.

There have been stories recently that make owning a lynx seem rather tame. Last year, it was reported that a Florida teen held a bengal tiger as a pet and even let the massive cat sleep with her in bed. The teenager came from a family of handlers and was training the tiger.

Still, as Friday's incident shows, the behavior of wild cats is truly unpredictable. And because of this unpredictable nature, one Washington lynx owner may have some serious damage control to do in his relationship.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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