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'NBC Nightly News' profiles 13-year-old cooking prodigy [VIDEO]

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Flynn McGarry started cooking at age 10 after he became sick of his mother's bland dishes. Now at age 13, he's serving up gourmet meals at one of Los Angeles' hottest dinner spots.

"NBC Nightly News" recently profiled McGarry during its evening newscast. McGarry is fast becoming one of the hottest names on the culinary scene.

John Sedlar, the head chef at Playa who recently appeared in an episode of 'Hell's Kitchen,' allowed McGarry to take over his restaurant for one night. The culinary phenom produced a nine-course meal for a packed house. Entrees included trout with braised leaks and caramelized fennel, as well as a dish featuring nasturtium flowers.

Did Sedlar have any fear in letting the teenager take over the kitchen?

"I don't think it's risky at all because I've tasted Flynn's food," Sedlar told NBC. "This is as good as any restaurant in Los Angeles."

McGarry has certainly found his passion in the kitchen. But if you think it was a family tradition passed down to the young boy, you would be wrong. McGarry laughs when asked if his mother inspired his talent with food. In fact, it was the opposite. McGarry started cooking his own meals at age 10 when he became tired of eating his mother's dinners.

Now, the 13-year-old boy basically lives in the kitchen, trying new recipes and honing his craft. His love for cooking has become so deep that McGarry has turned his bedroom into a kitchen. His bed folds up against the wall, providing ample space for him to test out new dishes.

With his experience at Playa as a springboard, McGarry plans to apprentice at multiple high-profile restaurants this summer. His long-term goals may turn out to be not-so long-term.

"My goal? Three Michelin stars. Restaurant (on the) top 50 list, hopefully in the top five," McGarry says.

The young chef already has his own website and Twitter account to keep fans abreast of his latest endeavors. McGarry was scheduled to appear at Seattle's Modernist Feast on Thursday, working with renowned chef Maxime Bilet. On McGarry's Twitter account, the teenager posts pictures of some of his meals, including scallop and salmon dishes.

Just in case anyone forgets that the prodigy still has other responsibilities, his schedule makes it well known.

"June 30 - Finish eighth grade."

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Image Source: Twitter
Video Source: NBC Nightly News

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