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Pit bull loses leg while rescuing owner on railroad tracks [VIDEO]

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Many news stories about pit bulls highlight their aggressive nature and attacks on humans. For once, a pit bull is making news for a heroic gesture.

Lilly, a pit bull living in Massachusetts, was on a late-night walk with her 54-year-old owner, Christine Spain, last week when trouble arose.

Spain fell unconscious onto railroad tracks just as an oncoming train was approaching. Sensing the danger ahead, Lilly used her teeth to pull Spain out of harm's way. Unfortunately, the 8-year-old dog couldn't completely escape the threat herself, as the passing-by train clipped her right front leg.

The train engineer tried to stop in time to avoid hitting the pair, but his effort was unsuccessful. He immediately called for medical care when he saw Lilly's injury, and the pit bull was taken to a nearby animal hospital.

After multiple surgeries last weekend, including one to amputate her injured leg, doctors expect Lilly to be able to walk again after she adjusts to her missing limb. Procedures were also taken to repair Lilly's fractured pelvis, and steel plates were used to support her left leg.

While happy to be alive, Spain did not escape completely unharmed. She met the wrath of the law, as the city police department arrested her on charges of animal cruelty, obstruction and danger on a railroad track, and walking on a railroad track. The story with Spain has many layers, as the pit bull's owner battled alcoholism, anxiety and depression for many years. According to her son, who originally gave Lilly to Spain as a companion, Spain suffered a setback last week that led to the late-night accident.

Police kept Spain in custody after the accident due to her intoxication. She is now home, preparing for Lilly's return.

The story of a heroic pit bull saving her owner is surely a refreshing break for fans of the dog breed. Typically, pit bulls make the news when they attack humans. Just last Friday, a man in Colorado suffered injuries to his ankle, calf and hip when his neighbor's pit bull charged through the door and jumped him. The injured man came to his neighbor's house to return the pit bull owner's 5-year-old daughter, who had wandered into the neighboring yard.

But thanks to Lilly, there is at least one story to combat the highly-publicized pit bull attacks of recent years. Lilly has "captured the hearts" of doctors, according to ABC News, and one thankful owner is eagerly awaiting her arrival.

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Video Source: ABC News
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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