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Texas woman gives birth while riding in car; Father films it [VIDEO]

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You are driving your wife to the hospital when she suddenly goes into labor. What do you do next? Film it, of course.

That's what Zachary Russell decided to do when his wife Jennifer realized she wasn't going to make it to the birthing center. She was going to have to deliver her child in the front seat of the couple's Ford.

With one hand on the wheel and one hand gripping the camcorder, Zachary continued down highway 287 in Texas.

"I just kept making sure the frame was good and that I was staying on the road," Zachary told an ABC News affiliate. "I'm surprised. I did real well."

Jennifer was shocked at how quickly the process played out. After her water broke, Zachary and Jennifer piled into the car to head to the medical facility. But just 15 minutes into the 45-minute drive, Jennifer realized the baby was coming and it would have to happen in the front seat.

"By the time my water broke, I pushed once and she was out," Jennifer told ABC News.

All's well that ends well, as the couple's baby girl Willow was born healthy and without complications. Jennifer, who teaches elementary school, can be seen on the video unwrapping the umbilical cord from the baby's head to ensure a safe birth.

After delivering her child, Jennifer made a phone call to Willow's proud grandmother as Zachary continued to the birthing center.

It is not uncommon for labor to last anywhere from less than an hour to a full day. Doctors say the key is being as prepared as possible. Once the child is born, keeping the baby warm and dry is critical until you reach a medical facility where he or she can be examined by professionals.

The story of Zachary and Jennifer Russell is not the first of a couple being surprised by the quick arrival of their child. Recent news stories have reported babies born on trains, in elevators and on airplanes.

Thanks to Zachary's actions, the Russells have a video to commemorate the unusual circumstances surrounding Willow's birth. And every time the family piles into that Ford, they will remember Willow's special birthday.

"It has to be her first vehicle so that she can tell everybody, 'Hey, I was born right there,'" Jennifer said.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Video Source: ABC News

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