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Texas youth baseball coach kicks 7-year-old girl off team [VIDEO]

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A Texas youth baseball coach admits that 7-year-old Anna Kimball is a better player than some boys on the team. But that didn't stop the coach from booting her from the squad.

The reason given is quite simple: Anna can't play on the team because she is a girl.

A coach in Allen, Texas, is taking criticism for his decision to remove Anna and another girl from his youth baseball team. Anna had been playing on the team with her brother Carson for the past two years.

"I felt sad," Anna told Dallas' Fox affiliate, KDFW. "Very, very sad."

The coach, who remains nameless, told Anna's mother, Tami, that Anna is talented and is even a better player than Carson. However, the coach wants to move the team to a more competitive league, and in that league, girls are not allowed to play in the boy's league.

Tami Kimball isn't accepting that answer.

"I can't believe that's she 7 and already having to face this," Tami Kimball told KDFW. "She's already having to hear someone say, 'Because of who you are, because you were born a girl, you're not allowed to go do something.'"

Anna is not the only player being cut to accommodate the coach's league change. Another girl, as well as a handful of boys, have also been removed from the team to both comply with league rules and make the team more competitive.

Anna's brother Carson is now having second thoughts about playing. The 6-year-old enjoys being a part of the team with his sister.

"I root for her on the team, and she's just a good person to play with on the baseball team," Carson told KDFW. "I just think if I can't be on the same team as my sister I should just quit on the team I was playing."

While Little League softball is available for girls, many young girls choose to participate in baseball. Since 1974, girls have been allowed to play Little League baseball.

Before 1974, girls were unable to compete in the youth league, but that changed with the case of Maria Pepe. In 1972, Pepe, a 12-year-old girl in New Jersey, was told she could not play Little League baseball because the league would lose its charter. The National Organization for Women (NOW) got involved and after two years of legal proceedings, Little League opened up baseball to girls and also created Little League softball specifically for young ladies.

As of 2004, approximately one in seven Little Leaguers was a girl and 50 million girls had participated in one division of Little League.

Because the Texas league in question is not a Little League organization, the same rules do not apply. It remains to be seen what will happen with Anna's case or if her family will pursue any further action.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Video Source: Yahoo! Sports

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