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Tiger Woods vs. Shaq in kung-fu battle for new video game [VIDEO]

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Unsurprisingly, Tiger Woods is a prominent figure in promotions for EA Sports' new golf video game. The title man is getting an assist from one of his big friends.

Video game giant EA Sports released an advertisement for the next installment of its popular golf video game line, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. And it is far more than just a basic collection of golf highlights.

In the outside-the-box commercial, Tiger Woods and Shaquille O'Neal square off in a kung-fu battle. The two superstar athletes meet in what appears to be a dojo, dressed in full martial arts attire for what is dubbed the "Duel of the Masters." In true kung-fu movie style, the athletes' voices are dubbed, as if they are speaking Japanese.

After exchanging not-so-pleasantries and a formal bow, Woods and O'Neal break out their kung-fu moves. Instead of striking their opponents, the two finish their moves with a golf swing on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. In the commercial, the kung-fu fighters are shown playing the golf game on an XBox 360 Kinect, which reads the user's motions to deliver a lifelike swing in the game.

Woods emerges victorious, sinking a long putt, which causes O'Neal to disappear into a cloud of dust. Credits roll and viewers are given information about the game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 will be released on March 27. Some retailers offer a pre-order option, and the EA Sports website is allowing gamers to download a free demo of the game.

Among the new features available this year are a host of new golfers, including the new No. 1 player in the world, Rory McIlroy. Players can also choose from one of six new courses, including Royal Birkdale, the nine-time host of the British Open. In addition to the XBox 360, the game will also be available for PS3 owners.

The first Tiger Woods PGA Tour title was released in 1998 and the game has come out annually every year since.

This year's version may be boosted by Woods' recent performance on the actual tour. Woods struggled through much of last season, falling as low as No. 58 on the World Golf Rankings list. However, in recent weeks, Woods has shot up the charts, now sitting at No. 18 thanks to significantly improved play.

Woods was forced to withdraw from last weekend's Cadillac Championship with a strained Achilles tendon. Woods briefed his fans on his condition Monday, tweeting, "Got good news from doc tonight. Only mild strain of left Achilles. Can resume hitting balls late in week and hopeful for next week."

Woods, like many of his competitors, likely has an eye on the 2012 Masters Tournament, which begins April 5. Judging by his recent tweet, it appears he will be ready to try for his 15th major championship.

Image Source: Facebook
Video Source: YouTube (EASports)

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