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Which TV shows got the axe this week?

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Television networks put the kibosh on several shows this week, as they prepare for new fall programming. Did your favorite show fall by the wayside?

From the CW to NBC, networks had to say goodbye to some new shows they once had high hopes for. You will not be seeing new episodes from any of these now-defunct shows.

"Missing" (ABC)

Big-time actress Ashley Judd wasn't enough to save this ABC drama. The story of a former CIA agent searching for her missing 18-year-old son will conclude Thursday with the show's 10th and final episode.

"A Gifted Man" (CBS)

Patrick Wilson played a doctor being visited by his deceased ex-wife. The show, which premiered in September of last year, shot 16 episodes before meeting its demise this week.


With a cast including Kristin Chenoweth, ABC hoped to capture some "Desperate Housewives" vibes with this drama surrounding a widowed woman returning to her Texas hometown. But due to poor ratings, a second season will not be coming after a 10-episode first season.

"Harry's Law" (NBC)

Unlike many shows getting the axe this week, "Harry's Law" lasted two seasons before being cancelled. Kathy Bates as a criminal defense lawyer wasn't exciting enough to warrant a third season.

"Alcatraz" (FOX)

J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Fringe) executive produced this drama about a government coverup regarding former prisoners at the island prison. The 13th and final episode aired in March.

"Ringer" (CW)

Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to the small screen was slightly less successful than "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." After a 22-episode first season, this show about a woman on the run was canceled.

"Are You There, Chelsea?" (NBC)

Chelsea Handler, the comedian known for hosting the talk show "Chelsea Lately" on E!, flopped as one of the lead actresses in this NBC comedy. The show, based on a book Handler wrote in 2008, aired 12 episodes in its one season.

"Pan Am" (ABC)

Set in the 1960s, this show followed the drama revolving around pilots and stewardesses of a major airline company and starred Christina Ricci. More than 11 million viewers watched the premiere, but only 3.74 million tuned in for the 12th episode of the 14-show season.

Other shows that were cancelled this week include...

  • "Awake" (ABC)
  • "Bent" (NBC)
  • "Breaking In" (FOX)
  • "The Secret Circle" (CW)
  • "The Finder" (FOX)
  • "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" (FOX)
  • "Best Friends Forever" (NBC)
  • "The Firm" (NBC)
  • "The River" (ABC)

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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