BD's Mongolian Grill offers coupons, discount card with purchase of gift card

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BD's Mongolian Grill is giving away coupons and discount cards with purchase of a gift card.

Twenty-five dollars could save you $240 at bd's Mongolian Grill.

The stir-fry chain recently announced that customers who buy a $25 gift card will receive a $5 discount card. In addition, customers who buy the card at the restaurant nearest them will receive a year's worth of coupons, which bd's Mongolian Grill claims is a $240 savings.

The offer is for a limited time only and is good while supplies last, according to an e-mail from bd's Mongolian Grill.

According to the company's web site, bd’s Mongolian Grill is a restaurant that allows you to create your own stir-fry. Guests choose their own ingredients from a variety of vegetables, meats and seafood, add sauces and spices, then hand it to one of the grill chefs, who then cooks it on a 600-degree 7-foot grill.

Every bowl of stir-fry comes with soup and salad. Bowls also come with free white or brown rice, tortillas or lettuce wraps.

Available meats and seafood are chicken, strip steak, pork, ribeye, sausage, Surimi krab, scallops, shrimp, pasta, calamari, rice noodles and meatballs.

Available vegetables are bean sprouts, broccoli, carrots, cilantro, baby corn, edamame, jalapenos, mushrooms, yellow onions, pea pods, green peppers, red peppers, pineapple, red skin potatoes, green onions, tomatoes, water chestnuts, egg, black beans, corn and tofu.

Available sauces are Asian black bean sauce, spicy buffalo, chili garlic sauce, fajita, kung pao, lemon, Mongolian ginger, peanut sauce, Mongo marinara, Shanghai BBQ, Shiitake mushroom, light soy, sweet and sour, teriyaki, oil blend (added at the grill), pad Thai sauce and olive oil.

Available spices are chopped garlic, Cajun, cayenne pepper, chili powder, cracked black pepper, curry, granulated garlic, ginger, lemon pepper, mixed herbs, peanuts, seasoning salt, sesame seeds, crushed red chili pepper, rosemary and Caribbean jerk.

Can't decide what to put in your stir-fry? The restaurant chain has a few suggestions, such as Mongolicious Beef (ribeye, bean sprouts, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, yellow onions, Asian black bean sauce, Mongolian ginger and oil blend) and Firecracker Shrimp (shrimp, carrots, mushrooms, pea pods, green onions, chili garlic sauce, lemon and oil blend).

BD's Mongolian Grill was the first U.S.-based restaurant to open a branch in Mongolia. The Mongolian branch opened on May 12, 2005. The restaurant is 4,800 square feet and is located in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The restaurant supports the Mongolian Youth Development Foundation (MYDF), a non-profit organization based in Ulaanbaatar that focuses its efforts on helping children.