Top Health Retailer Announces 15% Rebate on Total Purchase

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Many suffer from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes, all conditions commonly caused by inactivity and poor diet. For some introducing the Aztec superfood, chia seed into the diet provides many health benefits and also essential nutrients and fiber that may otherwise be lacking in the diet. Get an e-rebate for the products that make health a priority. Save on the entire assortment of goods from chia seeds to natural skincare.

A one ounce serving of chia seeds provides 9% of recommended protein, 13% of fat and 42% of fiber. Research is also showing promising results in chia’s ability tomaintain healthy serum levels while providing essential nutrients and minerals inluding phosphorus, manganese, and calcium.

Chia seeds are one of the highest vegetarian sources of omega-3 fatty acids, even higher than flax seed. Omega-3 long-chain Polyunsaturated fatty acids, including EPA and DHA, are dietary fats with an array of health benefits. These fatty acids are incorporated in many parts of the body including each and every cell membrane. They also play a role in anti inflammatory processes, which is considered by many to be beneficial in the prevention or treatment of several diseases. EPA and DHA are essential for proper fetal development and healthy aging. DHA is a key component of each cell membrane and is found in abundance in the brain and retina. Chia seeds also provide rare antioxidants like caffeic, myricetin and quercetin and are gluten-free.

Swanson health products provides a variety of different brands of chia. At the time of writing these deals were still available on the website and can be combined with the e-rebate offer as well. Organic, Non-GMO, kosher chia seeds from Nutiva (Item #NTV031) regularly $9.99 are on sale for $6.68. The organic, Non-GMO, kosher white chia seeds (Item #NTV033) from Nutiva are normally $12.99, but are now on sale for $8.63.

From now until December 12, Swanson Health Products is offering an addition special 15% e-rebate delivery to your inbox. To take advantage of this special offer, use the promo code HOLIDAY. Free Standard shipping is available on all orders above $50.