Who is the Typical Real Estate Investor?

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Real Estate Investor

Almost anyone could be a real estate investor. You can’t really pick them out of a crowd. Individuals don’t often consider themselves real estate investors even if their home is their main financial investment.

A self-described investor would more likely be a person who acquires property and then manages it for rental income or flips it, sells it for a quick profit. Some investors might hold onto a property longer if they have major renovations to make to get their best possible profit.

Is you’re profile or business on LinkedIn.com?

It should be (see “Do you Have to Be an Entrepreneur to be a Real Estate Investor?”)

You can type “real estate investor” in the search bar and see if there are people in your network who identify themselves as investors. If you see a number next to their name, it indicates their proximity to you and your network. “1st” means you’ve already connected with them, or “linked” in proper LinkedIn lingo. “2nd” means someone in your network is connected and might be able to introduce you. If you have groups in common, that will also show up. Do join groups. It’s a great way to meet people, plus get involved in discusssions. From just this search on “real estate investors” you can see what groups they’re joining and go join up.

A poll by Real Estate Investor’s Monthly, a newsletter for active investors, reveals this about their readers:

• average 47.5 years old
• average 12.85 years of real estate investment experience
• average 16.92 years of formal education (that is, they attended one year of graduate school on average)
• average net worth of $1,000,000
• 94.21% are male
• 44.12% have at least 1 employee
• 17.09% are full-time investors
• 10.26% are engineers
• 8.55% are real estate agents
• 6.84% are retired
• 5.98% are accountants
• 4.27% are small business owners

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not a millionaire male in your forties. There are many ways to invest and you don’t have to do it full-time. I’ve been a landlord several different times in my life and learned a lot just by doing simple projects involved in managing property. Tell us your favorite things about managing property or go ahead and pose some questions. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just thinking about beginning, we like to hear from you.

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