4 Green Renovation Ideas to Boost Your Home's Value

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Boost Your Home Value With These Home Improvements

As time goes by, homes tend to need more investment in order to offer enough security and comfort. If you're thinking about putting your house on the market, you'll need to make sure that it's in tip-top shape.

Without even noticing your windows and doors might need replacement because they leak air indoors thus making your home drafty, and your dated kitchen appliances are probably using up more energy than the updated ones would.

That's why before you decide to contact your Realtor, you should check whether your home needs upgrading. If it does, we've got 4 Eco-friendly solutions which will help you boost your home value without leaving a carbon footprint.

Use solar power

Harvesting the power of the sun is one of the best possible solutions when thinking about making your home Eco-friendly. Installing solar panels may seem like a costly option, but in the long run, it'll pay off immensely. You'll save up on electricity bills and be able to make the entire house run solely on solar power, which will create a great home for you and for the others when you decide to sell it.

Speaking of the sun, you should also allow more natural light to illuminate your home by installing rooftop windows. Once the room is well-lit it’ll look more inviting and automatically make future buyers fall in love with an entire interior.

Take advantage of this energy resource and install solar-powered blinds can boost your home's energy performance by as much as 45 per cent. Going solar can also have various tax benefit aside from cutting down your utility bills.

Replace old doors and windows

New doors and windows will create a better seal, blocking outside weather and making your home more energy efficient. Lower heating and cooling costs along with improved curb appeal are just some of the benefits of new doors and windows. If you decide to replace them on your own, make sure you look for scaffolding rental for your needs and have safe and reliable equipment with you.

Installing new windows isn't an easy task, so if you're not skilled enough, it would be a better idea to hire professionals to do the work for you. Invest in Energy Star-rated windows because they can save you hundreds of dollars annually in heating and cooling costs.

You should not forget about your front door either. While many people only focus on replacing windows for better energy-efficiency, front door plays a significant role in keeping your home warm. Therefore, think about replacing your old wooden doors with a brand-new steel door, get much better insulation and recoup more than 70% of your costs.

Pimp your kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the house. That's why you should consider upgrading its look to perfection but without going overboard. The kitchen shouldn't look fancier than the rest of the house, but be just modern enough for you to cook without making your electricity bills skyrocket.

Use low-VOC paint to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls to give the kitchen a clean polished look. Not only will this make the kitchen more Eco-friendly, but it’ll also help your family avoid breathing in dangerous chemicals, like benzene, that off-gas from regular fresh paint.

Old appliances should be replaced with new energy-efficient models. Energy Star-rated appliances are better for the environment, but they will also prevent you from going broke since they use less energy. Potential buyers will look for every little thing that can possibly make their life more expensive in the new house, so don’t let them find any, but invest in energy-efficient appliances.

Invest in energy-efficient insulation

To save hundreds of dollars a year on electricity bills, think about adding extra insulation to the attic. Check the house for any potential cracks and seal them immediately to make the home energy-efficient and more attractive to buyers. A thermal leak detector will alert you to any possible leak that may occur during colder weather when it detects noticeable temperature difference indoors.

Leaks are most common around doors and windows, around electrical sockets and light switches, in recessed lighting, around the attic hatch, in the basement, and anywhere ducts or wires go outside the house, which is why you should pay special attention to these areas and make sure you caulk any cracks and prevent more draft.

Furthermore, you can also install a programmable thermostat and save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling costs.

Final thoughts

Updating your house to increase its value may seem like a challenge but it pays off in the long run. Not only will you contribute to saving the environment, but you’ll also make potential buyers want to buy the house and for a higher price than you may have planned originally.

This will also allow you to move to your new home faster and have more money to invest there. That’s why you should check your home for any potential cracks, install new windows and doors, update the kitchen and use solar power in order to have a modern Eco-friendly home that will be highly attractive once put on the market.

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About the author: The above article on green renovation ideas to increase your home's value was written by Amelia Atkins. Amelia is an author at Smooth Decorator and a fresh architecture student.

The love for architecture and design runs in her family. She knew what she wanted to do from a very young age. You can often find her with a notepad in hand, just looking at the clouds, dreaming about the next skyscraper.

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