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7 Beautiful Landscaping Designs for Your Front Yard

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The front yard has a special place in defining the beauty of a house. It acts as the first place for interaction between a home and its visitors.

Typically, if you see someone planning to sell a house, they will enhance its curb appeal to attract potential buyers. Curb appeal is a professional term used by realtors to describe the visual appeal of a real estate property when viewed from the street.

A beautiful front yard will definitely improve the curb appeal of the property, making it attractive to visitors and passers-by, and potential clients who might be interested in purchasing the house.

Some solutions can be applied to make the front yard look more beautiful and appealing.

Build Flower Beds

Flower beds provide a cheap yet aesthetically appealing front yard landscaping solution. For example, flower beds can be planted around trees, making the felling of the trees unnecessary. Flowers come in various colors and shapes, with choice and type being largely subjective to the individual.

The addition of flower beds to a front yard does not have to involve professionals. This makes it an affordable solution for most homeowners. To reduce maintenance, flowering shrubs can be planted in place of flowers.

Mixing up different flower colors, sizes, and arrangements can create a more complex-looking flower bed. Getting creative with the shape of the flower bed can increase the curb appeal of the house.

Adding flowers is a great way to improve the look of your home when on a budget.

Add Lighting Fixtures

A well-lit front yard is a beautiful front yard when it comes to curb appeal. Aside from making the front yard stand out and guiding people walking on the front yard at night, lightning gives the front yard accent and character.

Most garden lighting fixtures are solar-powered and energy-efficient. Different ways to light up the front yard that can be considered include:

Use of post lamps
LED outdoor lighting
Outdoor pathway lighting
Highlighting of front yard trees and shrubs
Standalone lighting fixtures such as lanterns
Perimeter fence lighting
Use Rocks in Design

A front yard should be landscaped in such a way that it does not lose its natural appeal. It should provide for seamless integration between the natural world and the home.

Rocks aid in this design by adding a natural feel and accent to the front yard without compromising its aesthetic appeal. Large rocks can serve a meaningful role as paths, while smaller pebbles can be used as mulch in flower beds.

Rocks can also create a centerpiece, such as a water feature in the front yard. Mixing up different sizes, types, and colors of rocks can also be done to create a "rock garden." Consider creating a retaining wall for a flower bed planted in the front yard with these materials.

Plant and Manicure The Lawn

The easiest solution to making a front yard more visually appealing is by planting grass. When grass is planted on the front part of a house, it is referred to as a lawn.

Grass provides a uniform-looking cover for the front yard and makes for a more natural-looking design. However, for the lawn to be visually appealing, it has to be trimmed and maintained at regular time periods.

Choosing the type of grass to be planted depends on among other factors, such as the type of soil on the lawn, expected maintenance intervals, and consumer preference. Also, consider the climate of where you live before committing to a particular type of grass.

Add a Potager Garden

Historically derived from the French Renaissance, a potager garden is a mixture of herbs and vegetables in the front yard to add to the aesthetics.

The vegetables and herbs grown in this type of garden are usually grown in pots, focusing on their visual appeal instead of commercial or any other purpose.

Potager gardens were a symbol of class and featured impressive arrangements of these herbs and vegetables to create a classic design. In modern households, a potager garden can demonstrate a classical appreciation of beauty in history while providing a functional role of herbs and vegetables grown for human consumption.

Accentuate With a Water Feature

To provide a complete sensory experience to a front yard, one should consider adding a water feature to it. Water features may include small manufactured ponds, fountains, or streams.

An added advantage is that water features can feature other additions that provide functional roles, such as a bridge that adds to the visual appeal.

The sound of flowing water is also calming to listen to, enhancing the sensory experience of the yard. Naturalists may add creatures that live in water, such as fish, and accentuate with plants, like water lilies, to make the home look more natural.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

In order to increase the visual and curb appeal of a front yard, consider adding trees and shrubs. Trees for the front yard can be categorized into two major groups:

Evergreen trees
Deciduous trees

While trees may seem to provide a quick fix with little maintenance towards how beautiful a front yard looks, care should be taken when selecting the type of trees to plant since once they grow, they become a permanent fixture on the front yard.

Trees can be seamlessly integrated with flowers by planting the flower bed around the tree. Flowering shrubs are also a good solution to add color to the front yard. Highlighting the trees and shrubs using artificial light makes the front yard even more beautiful.


The beauty of a front yard is a key attribute of a property for many people, including the homeowner, potential buyers, and even visitors. Efforts should be made to incorporate the above ideas to make your front yard more beautiful.

Combining two or more of the above solutions can be done to make a property truly shine, or they can be approached as single standalone solutions. Let your creative juices flow when working on the entrance to your home.

About the author: About the author: The above article on landscape designs for your front yard was written by Alex Capozzolo. Alex is the Brotherly Love Real Estate blog owner and a content writer for the real estate industry.

His focus is on helping people through one of the most important investment decisions of their lifetime by seamlessly providing fast, honest, and professional real estate services.

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