Helpful Storage Ideas to Maximize The Space in Your Garage

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How to Maximize Garage Storage Space

How to Maximize Your Garage Space

Having a garage is generally considered a good thing as it provides extra storage for homeowners. Aside from unused belongings in the house, the garage is often used as a dumping ground for home and garden equipment. With so many things being kept inside the garage, it is only a matter of time before you run out of space for your other items.

On the other hand, having an overcrowded garage is no fun. Searching for items can be a nightmare if your garage is not well-organized. If you want to free up more space and keep your garage clutter-free, you need to be resourceful and creative in saving space.

Several storage ideas can help you maximize space inside your garage. In this guide, we have provided you with the best tips to help you save more space in your garage and keep it well-organized. Doing so will be one of many things you can do to improve your home quickly.

Stack Boxes and Bins Vertically

If you already have enough experience in organizing your belongings and saving space, you probably already know that stacking things is the way to go. Going vertical will allow you to save more floor space and maximize vertical space.

Focus on stacking boxes and bins vertically. Make sure to keep the heavy boxes at the bottom of the stack and the light ones at the top. If the top of the pile is too heavy, you might end up damaging those items at the bottom.

Always ensure that the foundation is stable to avoid unnecessary damages. Unstable stacks can also cause an accident, so make sure to keep an eye on this tip.

Aside from the weight, another thing to consider when stacking boxes is how frequently you use those items. Keep those items that you are most likely to use again at the top of the stack, so it is easier to retrieve them. Label the different boxes and include a list of the items they contain if you haven’t done it yet.

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Install Shelves on the Walls of Your Garage

Stacking items in your garage is not the only way to make good use of the vertical space. Another way you can maximize space is to install shelves on the walls of your garage.

You can opt to use a wall-mounted shelving system. Store items that you frequently use at the bottom part of the shelves and hide those barely-used items at the top.

If you plan to store heavy and bulky items, make sure to use sturdy shelves such as metal shelves. To free up as much space as possible, build floor-to-ceiling shelves. Buy a ladder if you do not have one so you can assemble your belongings in areas that are out of your reach.

Mount Hooks and Brackets on the Wall

Aside from installing shelves, you can also make use of the wall by mounting hooks and brackets. Installing hooks is a handy way to provide storage for your cleaning materials and gardening equipment.

Since all you need to do is hang them, it can make it easier to access them. If you want a more organized way of storing and displaying your tools and equipment, you can use a pegboard panel. There are different types of pegboards, so make sure you use the right one for your items.

You can also get bulky items off the floor by using hooks and brackets. For example, you can install a bicycle bracket so you can mount your bicycle on the wall. If you do not have a bicycle bracket, you can also use a bicycle hoist. Just make sure you buy the right size of hoist for your bicycle.

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Make Use of the Ceiling

Ran out of floor and wall space? Utilize the ceiling! You can build a ceiling storage system by using overhead storage. You can build such a system by screwing a frame on your garage ceiling. You can then slide your bins on these frames and take advantage of the unused storage space up there.

For a step-by-step procedure on how to build a sliding storage system on your garage ceiling, read this article.

Unlike the shelves on your wall, overhead storage is less stable. Make sure to store only light and medium weight items that you rarely use. For example, you can hide here those seasonal items such as the holiday decorations and seasonal clothes. You can also hide those seasonal items like holiday decorations, summer outfits, and pool accessories.

Invest in Cabinets and Drawers

If you want your garage to look more organized, you can invest in cabinets and drawers. Closets are useful for storing those items that you want to hide or keep out of reach. For instance, you can build a cabinet for storing potentially harmful chemicals and construction equipment. You can assign a specific drawer as storage for your nails, screws, bolts, and other fasteners.

Don’t have the time or means to build your cabinetry? You can always convert an unused wardrobe to a storage cabinet. If you have furniture such as tables with drawers, you can repurpose them as storage areas for your belongings.

Maximize the Corners

You probably already have shelves on your walls, but what about the corners? You can install garage corner shelves to make the most use out of the space in your garage.

You can also store in the corners your long-handled tools such as your mops and rakes. To keep them organized, you can build garage storage tubes where you can store these items. You can easily create garage storage tubes using cardboard. Secure the tubes in the corner to take advantage of the unused space.

Rent a Garage Storage or a Self-Storage Unit

Not everyone has a garage, and not all garages are spacious enough to accommodate all of our belongings. If you think your storage space will never be enough even after reading all the ideas we gave you, consider renting a garage or a self-storage unit.

Keeping your garage spacious is essential to avoid accidents and damages to your items. An overcrowded garage can also cause damage to your car and other vehicles.

If you do not want this to happen, rent a storage unit near you. Renting from a storage facility will allow you to free up more space in your garage and your house altogether. It also keeps your item safe in a secure, temperature-controlled facility.

Final Thoughts

Getting your garage organized will be a great feeling when you have finished. Just imagine being able to walk around your cars again freely! Hopefully, you have enjoyed these tips on a more well-organized garage and can put them to good use.

About the author: The above article on how to maximize the space in your garage was written by Marvin Sta. Marvin is a home-based freelance writer obsessed with home organization and storage space ideas. With these tips, he has transformed his small house into a cozy and spacious haven.

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