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The Importance of Personal Branding for a Real Estate Business

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Real Estate Branding For Success

Real Estate Branding: What You Need to Know

The competition in the real estate industry has never been so fierce as today, when online services, mobile devices, and social media like Facebook and YouTube dominate the playing field.

To close more deals and engage new clients, real estate businesses need to do а lot more to make themselves different from the competition.

One way to achieve this is to invest in personal branding. Check out this guide on how to use the information and resources at your disposal and build a solid personal brand that will become the backbone of your business growth.

What makes personal branding?

In short, personal branding is the way of marketing yourself as a means of advancing your career or growing your business. The goal is to develop a recognizable identity through visual style and communication which you can use to set up and maintain a favorable professional self-image, engage more leads, boost customer trust and loyalty, and close more deals at the end of the day.

As real estate is concerned, it’s difficult to grow your business if no one in your community has heard your name or knows who you are. As a new undergraduate degree in visual design teaches, today’s businesspeople might not be fully aware of the close tie between branding and design. With this in mind, make sure that your trademark colors and logo spread throughout all the online channels that you use. Having a Realtor Bio page is also a key aspect.

Recognize your audience

Before you go too far in thinking about what makes your real estate business special, you need to consider the audience you want to reach. Try to identify your ideal customer, what they do for a living, what are their reasons to buy, where they spend time, and how you can reach them.

If you identify your target audience, the personal brand you build won’t only make you look successful, but actually help you effectively connect with prospective clients.

Focus on the differences

Once you have your target audience in a row, try to think about what makes you different from your competitors. Your conclusions will help you set the foundation of your personal brand.

To achieve this, you need to ask why your customers are coming to you instead of other agents, what is your area of expertise, what is your company known for, and why did you become a real estate agent in the first place. Maybe you are not just a real estate agent but a REALTOR. Don't you think that explaining the difference between the two would be worthwhile for your potential clients to know? Of course, it would!

To add some color to the picture, ask your past clients what was like to work with you, what mattered most to them, and if they would, why would they refer you to their friends.

Create a blog

An important part of building your personal brand is establishing yourself as an authority and valuable resource to your target audience. Start sharing value with your current and prospective customers by launching a blog on your website and setting a small budget for content marketing.

Publish fresh content on your blog every week to increase the engagement with your audience and increase your coverage. Buyers and sellers love to work with real estate experts and someone they can trust when they need a question answered.

A real estate blog is a great way to establish yourself as a local authority. Some of the most successful real estate bloggers provide information that is helpful to consumers. For example, you could provide information on how to much to tip a mover or how to get a free credit report before buying a home. These are the kind of things people will search online for answers to. Wouldn't it be awesome if you were the person who was providing them with the answers?

Having a well-optimized blog that appears in competitive searches can bring a lot of business your way.

Stand out in searches

With 90 percent of home buyers using the internet to search for homes, the agents who secure a better real estate SEO are usually those who win. However, not all buyers who search ‘studio apartments Springfield’ are ready to purchase a property. Many of them are still behind legal or financial hurdles they need to overcome and are just looking for more information.

By focusing on white-label SEO practices you can provide searchers with valuable content that builds your brand awareness and grows your list of leads.

Work with a graphic designer

The essence of building a strong personal brand is the ability to be recognized wherever you plan to market yourself. To this end, you need to hire a professional graphic designer to help you develop your logo, font family and color scheme, and graphics for improving your real estate website, your social media profiles as well as visual solutions for your print media and advertising materials.

Freelancing hubs like 99desings, Behance, and Upwork are good places to find experienced designers, but you can also find college graduates who’re looking for more experience on LinkedIn.

Secure your domain

Although this is something you should’ve done a long time ago, just for a reminder, you should purchase and register your [businessname].com so you can control what people see in Google when they look up your name.

When choosing your domain name, stay away from dashes, abbreviations, and numbers, and instead try to negotiate a better price for a name that is catchy and easy to remember. If you focus your real estate business to a particular area, try to put the location in the name, because that is how most people will search for the services you offer.

Engage in social media

Apart from blogging, you also need to start building relations with your current and potential clients on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Take some time and build profiles and create content that reflects the personal brand you’re looking to build.

Use the mentioned graphics and professional solutions to attract prospective clients, showcase stories and referrals from past happy clients, as well as share information about open houses and exciting new properties on the market.

Don’t miss offline opportunities

While the internet offers unfathomable opportunities to promote your company name in front of people, to create a truly resilient personal brand, you need to invest in offline events that boost your interaction with people in your community.

Among others, you can join the local chamber of commerce events, business networking dinners, local sporting events, but also local festivals, celebrations, and public holiday events.

Choose the right tools

There are many tools you can use to increase productivity and fortify your personal brand. For example, you can use Mention to track your mentions in real-time, which allows you to mention people who use your name on social media.

Buffer can schedule and notify you of updates to your social media pages. Using Buzzsumo, you can find interesting blog ideas and captivating content you can share with your social media subscribers.

If you want to build a strong personal brand in the real estate industry, in today’s day and age it’s not enough to be the best salesperson, but also a valuable source of information and solutions. Instead of networking with the audience, you need to build authentic relationships both online and offline.

Final thoughts on Real Estate Branding

The effort you put in to create your real estate brand will go a long way in determining your success. Continue to do what you know has been successful and work on areas that need improvement. As an agent becoming stagnant is a sure-fire way of limiting your success.

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About the author: The above article on the importance of branding for a real estate website was written by Lillian Connors. Lillian loves writing about a myriad of topics, including real estate, finance, home improvement, and DIY projects. She is into green practices and sustainable housing.

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