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Real Estate Marketing Strategies That'll Give You a Major Edge

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Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Real estate experts like to tout their proven collection of real estate marketing strategies. The problem with listening to them is how those strategies are almost always done to death. They work, but they aren’t anything that’s going to launch you way ahead of the competition.

What you need is something unique. Something that’ll give you an edge.

The strategies in this real estate marketing guide are by no means a walk in the park. They take finesse and hard work. But! Do them and you’ll see amazing returns (especially when it comes to leads). What real estate agent doesn't like more powerful marketing tricks to get more business?

Here are some marketing methods worth exploring:

Niche Real Estate Websites

Real estate websites are a crucial tool in establishing a local online presence. Yet, where many go astray is through their limited vision for their realty website. It’s neglected, somewhat damages the brand, and acts as a simple property listing aggregate, devoid of rich features that engage visitors.

What can you do to change things up and stand out in your local real estate space with a site?

Take it niche.

Think of how your site would function if it were a cross-over of real estate listings and a local hot spot type of site. A mesh of things to do and where to live.

There are plenty of ways to localize a niche site – such as creating:

Custom neighborhood and community pages/hubs such as this one about Westborough Massachusetts.
Blogging about local events, things to do, places to eat, and such
Recording and sharing videos showing off locations

For example, the niche realty site Jupiter Exclusive Homes leverages their hyper-niche to focus on just Jupiter, FL, and its communities. It drills down and curates its selection versus letting MLS feeds dictate whatever shows up on the site. Imagine doing something like this for your town or city.

Major cities tend to attract these niche sites… but they’re just as effective in small towns.

In fact, you may benefit significantly by building a niche real estate site hyper-local to your area versus trying to be a “catch-all” for your state (like many try doing).

Give it a try; it shouldn’t take you longer than a weekend to put something basic together!

Remarketing Campaigns

People researching homes will bounce from listing to listing, site to site. Their journey could take weeks/months before they’ve settled on what they want. Even if you have a site ranking #1, it doesn’t mean yours is the one they eventually use if they’re going after an open listing.

Remarketing lets you show ads to someone who already interacted with your site.

Imagine this:

Someone visits your real estate site and looks through listings.
They leave the site and start looking up topics around the home buying process.
If that site is partnered, one of your ads could show alongside the content.

You know that moment where it feels like Google or Facebook is listening to you – and displaying ads and products around something you were thinking about? Well, those are examples of remarketing ads, and they’re quite effective because the idea of buying it is already in your mind.

Remarketing simply reminds people to come back and complete their transactions.

In the case of real estate marketing – this means having the person return to your real estate website to request property information or a call from you (or the team).

How can you start using this? Try:

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

It’s as simple as placing code on your site that places a pixel on a visitor’s browser. Then, they’ll see ads when they’re visiting sites within the ad partnership network.

Live Streaming Sponsorships

85% of people watch online video.

A growing segment of this online video viewership is in streaming (live) video. They’re watching these streams on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, and Facebook.

What’s the appeal of streaming video?

Live content
Community interaction
Streamer engagement

One of the more popular streaming formats is travel & outdoors. As you could guess, people enjoy watching streamers take their audiences through towns and cities. It’s a wonderful experience that makes you feel like you’re on an adventure – with hundreds/thousands of others.

So, where is the opportunity for real estate agents? Sponsorship.

Live streaming is still (generally) in its infancy, so the ad pool is somewhat small. Streamers tend to make deals with companies and promote them during their streams. Or, will display logos and other marketing assets as video overlays and in their channel descriptions.

A real estate agent could do this:

Hop on over to one of the popular streaming platforms.
Look for streamers and video creators in your local market.
Connect with them and talk about how you’d like to sponsor their work.
Facilitate the transaction and pass marketing items to the person.
Sit back and watch as an audience sees and engages with your brand/message.

Imagine what’s possible if someone wandering the city streets would stop and talk about real estate and how your agency is the one to call? Or, if they go on a road trip and do a tour of a cozy little town (you’re in), in which they name-drop what you’re offering.

Sponsoring live streamers is an exciting, new way to promote properties and real estate services!

Think Beyond the Real Estate Space

Real estate professionals are keen on web-based marketing compared to other industries. This means you’ve got quite a challenge when competing for space in the major real estate markets. But, as you can see, there are quite a few ways to carve out a space for yourself by trying something fresh.

Think about which real estate marketing strategies you’ve found effective in being competitive. Never ever forgot how vital is to nurture the real estate relationships you form along the way.

Take what’s working and amplify it 10-fold. Bring in influences and strategies from outside the real estate space to maximize its potential. This is a sure-fire way to get an excellent footing in your market! Lastly, never forget how vital it is to nurture the real estate relationships you form along the way.

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About the author: The above article on real estate marketing strategies for agents was written by Waleed Mohammed. Waleed is a search marketing expert and web builder in the real estate space. Waleed’s passion for real estate is apparent through his excellent communication skills and user-friendly website.

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