Using Beds in Home Staging: The Essentials For 2020

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Using Beds in Home Staging

How to Stage Your Beds

Do you want to choose the best mattress for home staging? If so, then you should know how the process works so you can get the best results. When you see eye-catching photos of model homes on home improvement sites and Facebook pages--that’s basically home staging.

Better home staging can improve the house’s value. House buyers are willing to increase their offer by nearly one-third, according to a report by the National Association of Realtors. Having your home look its best will help your chances of selling quickly dramatically.

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is an important process that can improve a home’s value. If you’re unable to conduct it yourself, you can hire a professional to arrange everything for you.

Getting a home staged is a technique that involves rearranging furniture, adding décor, and dressing up the home. This can provide more value to your home and thus make it easier to sell.

How to Stage Your Home for Success (video)

Home Staging Benefits

There are several possible benefits. They include providing a space with brightness, energy, and comfort. If you were having problems selling your home, then there’s a chance home staging can change the situation.

Home Staging Basics

If you’re selling an empty house, you or your real estate agent will typically have to hire a home stager to set up everything.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to live in a home throughout the house selling, then it’s generally recommended that you use existing furniture/home décor to reduce costs.

Home Staging Options

There are many changes you can make in a room to conduct home staging, and they include:

Use existing home decor, including throw pillows to a homey atmosphere
Move furniture around to create a better layout
Reduce personal items to half of what was in every room
Improve house’s smell with a reed diffuser
Keep cleaning
Determining Bed Values
Furniture Market Value

When calculating the market value of your home, there are more factors to consider besides the number of rooms and curbside appeal. If you’re going to sell your home furnished with furniture, then it’s essential to know the value of different items like beds.

There are different factors that affect the bed’s value, including:


Make sure the bed is in good condition from the get-go. There’s a chance prospective buyers won’t be interested in buying your home simply because the price tag includes worn-out furniture. Make sure to have an appraiser check out the bed(s) to determine the general value of the furniture pieces.


In some ways, this is like the curbside appeal of the home’s exterior. You can use add beddings and other items to help boost the aesthetics of the bed. This will make it more marketable.


There are different ways you or an appraiser can evaluate the value of a bed. For example, you can compare the bed to similar items. There are other methods, including selling price or cost of the item.

You can also have experts evaluate the bed to determine the value. It might be practical to get a few appraisals so you’ll get a general idea of the bed’s value.

Value of Freshly-Made Bed

There’s no question that one of the best experiences when sleeping is sleeping in a freshly-made bed after you pick the best mattress. It’s similar to the experience of sleeping in a hotel bed.

House for Sale

If you’re selling your home, then the furniture, including the bed, is vital to increase your house value and help sell it faster. It’s part of the main goal of creating the look and feel you want prospective buyers to have.

When they see your home, they’ll be more interested in wanting to live in your home based on different factors, including furniture and home décor.

Investing in fresh linens is an investment in your home. It’s even possible to recreate the look and feel of a luxurious bed you saw in magazines or social media.


While there are several benefits of using new beddings for home staging, one of the key features is the tone.

There are several factors that can affect the tone, including the beddings’ material, design, and color. You can create different looks/feels, including:


So it’s just a matter of picking bedding sets that create the tone/mood you want.

Key Components for Home Staging with Beds


Both have pros and cons when picking beddings. Cotton is the go-to material for comfort. Make sure to choose a high thread count.

You can create a luxurious look in your bedroom with natural materials. Be sure to pick high-quality beddings, so you get the most durable results.


When picking them, try to avoid cheap-looking ones since this could have a negative effect on the aesthetics you’re trying to create with the beddings. Select patterns that pair well with the wall paint/wallpaper, wall décor, and other furniture pieces.


Some experts say a bed isn’t complete without a headboard. However, that’s not really the whole story. If you’re going to use a bed headboard, then make sure it helps to create a specific look.

While many people prefer a headboard, it’s not really something your bed should absolutely, positively have.

If you want to go with a stylish urban look, you can go with a headboard-less bed. This helps to create a Zen feel when you stage your bedroom. You can find various online decorating ideas that don’t involve a headboard.

Beds for Home Staging


A traditional timber bed typically must be built on-site. It contains side rails with a header/footer and slats that hold the mattress.

Temporary Bed

This is generally the last option you should consider. They include options like an inflatable bed, camp stretcher with form mattress, or camp stretcher with an inflatable mattress.

One of the problems with inflatable mattresses is sometimes they don’t decompress. This is an issue you should consider in case you have to deal with it later.

Ensemble Bed

These beds have big flat bases that are low to the ground. They’re also a couple of centimeters above the floor. They’re typically bundled with headboard and footboard and are a good option for small rooms.

Final Thoughts on Using Beds in Home Staging

Getting your home to look its best is an essential consideration when selling. The bedrooms in your home will play a significant role in most buyers' decision making. Make sure you put your best foot forward to have your bedding look as attractive as possible.

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