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How a custom built home will be the same price as track built

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Energy Efficient Home

This “greenhouse” is not for growing or nurturing plants and flowers. This green house is not colored like the forest. We are talking today about an energy efficient home.

Global warming. Whether or not you believe that people are the cause or God is, we have great discussions about global warming. So, the housing industry has an opportunity to save you money. That is, your next home might be more energy efficient. The windows will be more expensive, or will they? Is it possible that in the years ahead you will save money on the insulation, double pane windows and added effectiveness for your heating and air conditioning apparatus?

I have the newer system of infinity zone air conditioning in one of my rental homes. This exceptional piece of equipment had been installed by the previous owners. I inherited the system and a service contract. I don’t know if it saved them money. They lost the home in foreclosure three years ago. When I attempt to reset the a/c it overrides me and continues to keep the house too cool or warmer then I might want. Fortunately I have a tenant who speaks infinity…

I also remember when solar panels became popular. Homeowners had these somewhat unattractive panels across their ceilings to capture the sun’s rays. Eventually it was proven that one correct panel was sufficient to handle the heating job.

Today, according to what I read and energy efficient home will cost no more than our original homes. Although I find this hard to believe because EVERYTHING costs more today. I am open to the idea. Now explain to me how a custom built home will be the same price as one that is track built?

Re-sales are also affected by this energy efficient awareness. Imagine trying to compete with a sparkling new home that is also going to save the buyer hundreds of dollars over the years? The verdict is out over the actual savings. I do not know how to measure the energy lost when my child leaves the back door open or lights on all day… I guess I will have to “global warm” a behind or two.

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