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How Your Realtor's Team Influences Selling Your Property

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Real Estate Team

An active, successful realtor is rarely a loner. This individual must work with or have a connection with several auxiliary individuals.

Your realtor should be working with at least two lenders (mortgage companies), a reputable Home Inspection company, a Termite Inspection company, an Appraiser, a Surveyor and a handyman (electrician, plumber, and painter) in order to provide you with competent assistance during the entire procedure. The closing company or attorney with whom your realtor works completes the team.

Certainly, you might have a friend or relative in one of these businesses. That is fine and certainly you are paying the bill and will have the final choice.

The point I am attempting to make covers the difference between a smoothly orchestrated transaction and one in which inferior persons might spoil the effort. It is much like baking a cake. You need all of the ingredients, don’t you?

An active realtor whether or not we are referring to one who offers to sell your home (a listing realtor) or a selling agent who actually represents the buyer is important. Understand that this “outside” realtor who shows your home and brings an offer to purchase will ultimately be paid by you. This is not an adversary. Without this other realtor you might not have a closing.

If you receive a low offer on your home, it is simply an offer. Do not be insulted. Do not turn it down. Look it over, discuss the offer with your realtor and attempt to counter this offer. Historically, the first offer you receive on your property has been the best offer. This has however changed in recent years because of the number of investors who have entered the marketplace.

Pay attention! The highest price offer might not have the best terms. The quality of the buyer may enter the picture. If there is no money down or you as a seller are being asked to carry the burden of closing costs, you might consider a lesser priced offer with cash or better consideration as a down payment. Of course your realtor should be guiding you through this process.

One other point I would like to make. If you are receiving no offers on your property, it is time to sit with your realtor and “get real”. Is it the price, condition or location? If the price is too high you might reduce it, if the condition of the property is not acceptable you may spend money to improve it. Or you might reduce the price sufficiently to match the market. If you impediment is location, you cannot move the property so consider a price reduction. Did you receive that message?

I wish you the best as you work with “your team.”

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