Who Is The Realtor of Your Dreams

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Selling a property

Wouldn’t it be nice, no wonderful, if the realtor you selected to sell your home worked strictly for you? No! How about the busiest realtor in town? Not necessarily. Okay, why not select your best friend who does real estate part time? Definitely not! I suspect by now you are getting the drift of my topic for today.

I suspect that if you were choosing a doctor to operate on you or a loved one, you might investigate his or her rate of surviving patients, or status at the hospital. At the very least you might check out where the doctor received his/her degrees. Or do you?

Have you ever visited a doctor or dentist who has an office in a seedy building or a part time receptionist? Even in the best of surroundings there is that less than confident attitude or conversely the “know it all” arrogance that turns you off.

Oh, I know that selling your home is not necessarily a life and death decision. However, we have been reminded often that your home may be your most valuable possession. So, how do you choose a realtor?
Interview, interview, interview! You are actually going into partnership with this person for the duration of the listing period. That is why I suggest that the brightest web page in the world doesn’t adequately describe any person. It most likely portrays the talent of the web page designer.

You will be working closely with your realtor in most situations. Certainly, whenever possible you will want to interview at least three realtors. I always suggest one local firm, one franchise firm and of course a friend of a friend. Each of them should present a game plan with which you agree. Is this realtor familiar with your subdivision or area of town? Are they on time for an appointment?

One other caution you might consider. The realtor with the most listings or statistics might be too busy to adequately represent you and your home. A “newbie” will possibly be devoted to getting your home sold. In this case talk to the Broker/Owner of the firm too, either in the office or at least by telephone.

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