Ways Homeowners Can Save on Energy Costs

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Ways Homeowners Can Save on Energy Costs

Everyone wants to save a few dollars, have more money in their pocket, and certainly pay less for energy costs. Below are several ways that homeowners can keep more of their hard earned cash and save on energy costs at the same time

Whether you have purchased your first home or are prepping for retirement, a common theme is the desire to pay less in energy costs. With a little bit of foresight and willingness to stay-the-course, it is certainly possible to protect the environment and enjoy lower monthly energy payments too.

Performing periodic maintenance will help but many homeowners do not know where to look for savings. Here are the most common culprits:

  • Doors - Check for leaks, caulk where needed, and install weatherstripping to keep air from escaping or entering the property
  • Windows - High performance windows cost more but you should be able to recoup that cost with energy savings. On nice days, open the windows and turn the HVAC off.
  • HVAC - Turn down the heat in the winter and raise the thermostat in the summer. It is also smart to have your unit checked by a professional twice a year. Do not forget to periodically inspect and replace your filters!
  • Refrigerators - Keep the coils dusted and the seals in good working order. Maintaining a constant temperature helps too.
  • Appliances - Replace outdated equipment with energy efficient models (Energy Star rated). If they have venting through the attic, ensure there are no obstructions.
  • Other areas where you can save energy are while doing laundry, having a properly insulated attic, while using electronic equipment, and using CFL lights.

If you take energy consumption seriously, you will find you can save on energy costs, protect the environment, and have more money for other things each month. That is a triple win in my book!

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Helpful reminders Anita - thank you. Homeowners should also remember to cover the outdoor A/C units in the off season - will help it last longer & run more efficiently, when needed

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