Consider All Four Seasons When Buying Your Home

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Buying a house in all seasons

It's easy to see right here and now when buying a home. It's right there and sometimes it's hard to picture the home in the coming months, but it's an essential part of the home buying process. Ignore the upcoming seasons at your own risk.

Winter in the Cincinnati area can be like riding a roller coaster! Storms push in from the south and north and the weather forecasters can't say for sure if we're going to have rain, ice or 6 inches of snow. With that slick weather comes considerations for your home, some that help you make the purchase decision! That snow on the roof may show melt patterns that let you know of insulation problems. A steep driveway on a snowy day might mean your car has no prayer of actually making into the garage. And the commute to work? That 10 minute drive might turn into 30 minutes. So keep Jack Frost in mind.

Spring!!! Ahhhh, escape from winter at long last! And with spring comes those mixed up storms that may just drop hailstones on your home (so make sure the home inspector takes a good look at the roof in case past storm damage hasn't been identified yet). And how does the current owner's idea of landscaping mesh with your ideas? Those beautiful flowers don't happen all by themselves, there's work in weeding, mulching and replacing the flowers that didn't survive those winter freezes. But the payoff? Pretty sweet to watch the butterflies and hummingbirds.

Summer, so hot and sticky!!! How much lawn needs mowed? Are you going to do it yourself or hire out? Is there a nice shady spot to hang out and enjoy the weather? How about those backyard BBQs with your friends? Does this house lend itself to entertaining? Is there parking available? Easy access in and out of the home to the entertainment area?

Fall brings the leaf changes and blizzards of colorful leaves covering your yard! Handy with a rake? Where do you put the leaves? Is there community pick up or are you on your own? Don't get them up and you may damage your lawn that you worked so hard on.

In general, keep in mind the home's orientation. Did you know which direction a home faces can actually affect who will buy your home? Some religions actually have a preference, so facing the wrong direction can close off some potential buyers.

We're just touching the surface of things to consider when buying your Southwest Ohio home, but that's why you hire an experienced real estate agent team to help.Just give The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite a call (513-520-5305) to discuss how we can put our expertise to work helping you find that just right home or visit us at Warren County Ohio Real Estate for Sale.


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Thank you Elizabeth, for this interesting story. Is Spring the best time of the year to buy a house in Cincinnati?

If you want the largest number of homes for sale, typically Spring & Summer will have the most homes for sale. You'll also find that can be the highest competition too as families scramble to purchase a new home and get settled in before school starts again. Shopping in Fall and Winter can have it's advantages as fewer buyers are looking, and sellers that didn't sell during the peak months may come to the realization that their asking price was too high. You'll often find sellers on the market during the colder months might have more motivation (e.g. they've bought another home, a divorce, a need to relocation for work) so there may be more willingness to negotiate more. Bottom line, we work with buyers throughout the year, so a lot depends on the buyer's particular needs and timetable to move.

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Thank you Elizabeth. So, as I understand Spring and Summer is the best time to buy a house because more homes are for sale. What are the major characteristics of the city? Industrial or Retirement, or University? Thank you.

There is a bit of everything because we're in the Cincinnati to Dayton metroplex. Most of our primary market is in Warren County, so we have a mix of bedroom communities on the north side of Cincinnati and the south side of Dayton. Residents there are often working for Fortune 500 companies (e.g. GE, Procter & Gamble) or in the Dayton area Wright Patterson AFB is a large employer. We have retirement communities (patio homes and condos) but I wouldn't put us down as some retirement destination like Florida or Arizona. We have universities, some urban such as University of Cincinnati or Xavier, or you can head to Oxford for a more typical college town feel with Miami University. Middletown is more industrial, with AK Steel being the major employer, and parts of Dayton are still heavily worked by automotive parts supply companies. So overall, it's an "it depends" type answer. We're the Midwest, a bit of everything but steep mountains and sandy beaches :)

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