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Thinking of Selling Your Colorado Home? Here Are Some Tips to Get Your Home Ready

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Selling a House in Colorado

When you get ready to sell your Colorado home, you should consider these tips before listing. Here are 30 pre-listing tips when selling your home.

As we approach Spring time in the Colorado Rockies, many home owners are considering listing their homes for sale. The real estate market in the Denver Metro Area is experiencing an extreme sellers market currently. That’s not to say that the inventory will continue to be in high demand in the next 30-60 days. Most Colorado home owners wait until Spring to list their homes for sale.

As of today (2/26/15), the Denver Metro Area is showing 3,514 homes actively on the market (excluding condos and townhomes). This is a far cry from our 5 year peak in July of 2010 of 32,867 homes.

Due to this extreme shortage, properly presented and priced homes are receiving multiple offers for more than the asking price. Of course, there is still the issue of appraisal to contend with, but sellers and buyers are willing to take that risk.

By mid-spring, I expect the number of actively listed properties to double if not triple. With more homes for sale comes more competition. That is why sellers should make every effort to present their property in the best condition possible once it hits the market.

Here is a seller checklist to go through before listing your home on the market.

1. Make sure the grass is well fertilized and green.
2. Is the grass trimmed and edged?
3. Is the yard free of clutter?
4. Are snow and ice off the walks and driveway?

1. Does the roof or antenna need attention?
2. Does the paint need touching up?
3. Do the exterior walls need washing down?
4. Does the front door need cleaned or painted?
5. Do the screen doors need repaired?
6. Do the windows need to be cleaned?
7. Buy a new welcome mat for the front entrance.

1. Make sure the inside projects a homey, warm, well-cared for feeling.
2. Before showings, make sure all rooms are freshly vacuumed and dusted.
3. Check all walls to see if they need repaired or washed. A fresh neutral coat of paint is a nice touch.
4. Have carpets professionally cleaned before showing.
5. Check all floors to make sure they are clean and in good condition. Hardwoods may need to be refinished.
6. Remove all clutter from the house that you do not need. Renting a storage shed to store items that you don’t need is a great idea.
7. Clean out all closets and store unused clothing and shoes.
8. Make sure bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed.
9. Check all faucets for leaks. Touch up caulking.


To stir the imagination and induce the prospective buyers to considering themselves living in your home.

1. Ask your family for cooperation in maintaining the neatness and order necessary during the showing period. The more successful you are here, the less time your home will be on the market.
2. If possible, try not to be present during showings, especially during an open house. Your presence will usually inhibit the prospective buyer.
3. Open the drapes and turn on many lights.
4. Turn off all radios and TV sets.
5. Keep pets out from under foot.
6. When appropriate, build a fire in the fireplace.
7. Pleasant kitchen smells create a wonderful image in the buyer’s mind. Some possible ideas are to bake cookies, warm some cider or put on some simmering potpourri.
8. Place fresh flowers throughout the home.
9. Use an air freshener in rooms and closets that have little ventilation. Plug-work work nicely.
10. Allow experienced brokers to show your home and answer questions and objections. Should they need assistance, they will ask for it.

By following these guidelines, the sale of your home will be a success. When you are ready to invite Realtors into your home to discuss listing strategies, be sure to contact the friendly team at Aspen Lane Real Estate. We don’t just want to list your home – we want to SELL IT.

If you have any questions about hiring a contractor for your home improvement needs, feel free to contact me at Aspen Lane Real Estate.


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Keeping the neatness of the house when selling it is so important. Indeed, asking the cooperation of your family is key, especially when you have small children who can write on the walls. What are the top three places to leave in Colorado for a retired husband and wife? Thank you Belinda.

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