How Do Your Room Colors Make You Feel?

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Room paint colors

Colors of the rooms where you live can influence your mood and thoughts. Color trends will come and go, but choosing colors should reflect your own personality. On the other hand, when you are selling a home, even though a Realtor can point out to a buyer that it's only paint and cosmetic fixes, when selling, keep in mind the more neutral the color is, the more comfortable a buyer may feel in the surroundings.

Let's think about how a color makes you feel.

  • Red - Is a high energy color. Can stir up excitement.
  • Blue - Considered calming and relaxing.
  • Green - This is said to be a shade that is soothing and restful for the eyes.
  • Yellow - Uplifting and energizing.
  • White: Encourages to clear clutter or obstacle and enables fresh beginnings
  • Black: Sophistication and evokes a sense of potential and possibility.
  • Brown: Grounded with a connection to Earth, and reliability
  • Purple: Uplifting and calming mind and nerves

These are only general guidelines. Remember that any color choice is a very personal matter.

Trust your own personal senses. It's what you enjoy that counts.

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Yes, neutral colors really do help when it comes to selling homes. As it turns out, it also helps with decorating, too. I'm seeing most new home buyers using grays and taupes for the walls.

Too much color in a home is a turnoff to me Sheila and I also thinks it confuses the buyers. However while a home owner lives there why not paint whatever color they enjoy but be prepared to paint before going on the market.

Debbie G, Both those colors are very popular now and you can certainly add an additional color to make it pop more. Debbie R, Bright, Bold colors are not for everyone and each should be comfortable in their own surroundings. But, like you mention, when it's time to sell, neutral colors win...

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