How Many Long Island Homes Should Buyers Look At Before Choosing One?

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Long Island Home Buying

Is there a right or wrong answer to this question? I don't think so.

We have sold homes to buyers that just started looking and found the "one" right away. And, we have worked with buyers who have looked for a year or more, and still aren't homeowners yet.

Many times those who make "lightning decisions" have been online looking at homes even before calling a Realtor. There are also those who think they have to see everything before making a decision, or are afraid that if they do, the next house that hits the market will be better than the one they have chosen.

It really depends on the client and what their criteria is, or what they may think it is. There's no magical number. Buyers should look until they find the right one, but by wanting to keep looking, they may miss the one that they really liked at the beginning of the search.

If it is the right home, even if it's the first home you see, don't wait, or you could miss out on the opportunity to buy.

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What I think is important is when the buyer finds the right home that they make a strong offer so they don't miss out. That is where many get disappointed.

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