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Long Island Home Seller Asked: Why Should I Hire A Realtor?

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Home for sale in Long Island

If you want to find out why it's best to hire a Realtor on Long Island, keep reading. The question is can't I sell this home on my own?

Here is our top 10 list of why hiring a Realtor is the best way to sell your Long Island House or Condo.

1. Neighborhood Knowledge
Realtors know the comparables, how long a home has been on the market and even the time it took to sell. Don't rely on unreliable sources that are scattered around the internet. The information may not be correct or might be dated information. A Realtor can research this information with more up-to-date data.

2. Pricing
A Realtor can guide you with the right price based on supply and demand. We don't just give you any price you want to hear. We study the market first and give you an informed decision.

3. Professional networking
You can't network with other Realtors which will get more exposure for your house. Networking with a wide range of Professionals on Long Island and also with other professionals around the country is what you should look for in a Realtor.

4. Negotiation Skills
Can you negotiate your own sale? Probably not as good as a Realtor. The right Realtor can negotiate with either the Buyer or Seller or both. Lawrence & Sheila are Certified Negotiation Specialists!

5. Available During The Whole Process and Beyond
If a conflict arises, can you work through the details? A Realtor should be working with you throughout the process. We do not stop working when your house is sold. We follow through until you hand over the keys to the new owner.

6. Tech Savvy
Can you get your house promoted? A Realtor who uses the latest technology to get your house sold and is very visible on the internet, will market your house to get you to the closing table.

7. Multiple Listing Service
You can pay a flat fee service to get your property on MLS, but then what? Your Realtor should include you on the MLS but also other available sources like their websites, the top internet portals and syndicated sites locally, nationally and internationally.

8. Security
With A Professional Realtor, you won't be showing your home alone with strangers and having your phone number listed. We use our cell numbers so none of your private information is available to buyers.

9. Qualify Your Buyer
Can you qualify a buyer or know if they are qualified? A Realtor should have contacts to get your buyers pre-approved before accepting an offer and make sure they are credit worthy.

10 Experience
Why not hire the right team with more experience than you have in Real Estate? If you live on Long Island, hire Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila who have listed and sold in both Nassau and Suffolk County on The North and South Shore.

If you would like to list your present residence with us on Long Island, we can feature it on our popular website at Please call 631-805-4400 (c).

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