Long Island Realtor to Home Seller: We would like you to listen to our professional opinion

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Seeling a House

We are Long Island Realtors and often hear the following question from home sellers in our area: What do you want me to do now to sell my house?

Actually, to be more precise, they put the question a little differently. Home sellers ask "what do you want me to do for you so I can get my house sold." This is a valid question because home sellers can and should do certain things to prepare their houses for sale and to make it reasonably easier for the real estate broker to sell the house.

Here are some suggestions we make to our home sellers on Long Island who list their houses with us.

1. We would like you to listen to our professional opinion of what your house is worth in today's market.

2. We would like you to keep your house easily available for it to be shown.

3. We would like you to fix any minor repairs.

4. We would like you to purge and de-clutter as per our suggestions.

5. We would like you to let showing agents show your house without following them around.

6. We would like you to keep your shades open and lights on during showings.

7. We would like you to leave during Open Houses.

8. We would like you to be open-minded and listen to our suggestions to get it sold.

9. We would like you not to get over anxious when someone says they "love" your house, and then no offer.

10. We would like you to be patient and don't get discouraged.

The overall first impression is most important to potential buyers, and this seller was nice enough to ask for our suggestions and readily obliged. In most cases, if these requirements are met, the houses are usually sold very quickly and without stress for the seller.

If you have any questions related to real estate on Long Island, please call Lawrence & Sheila at 631-805-4400 (c) or email us at sheila@suffolkexperts.com.


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What should home sellers really leave during home houses or showing a house. Please can you elaborate on this a little? Should the home seller be present? Thank you.

Oh if they would all listen and follow our advice they would gets results faster and we would have less stress. These are steps each seller should take to get their homes sold in Long Island and elsewhere.

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