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Relocating to Florida From Another State: Tips to Help With The Move

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Relocating to Florida

Moving is stressful enough even if it is within the same neighborhood, it can be overwhelming if your new home is thousands of miles away.
Making sure you are selecting the right area for your family, finding new jobs, new schools, organizing, packing in a short amount of time is no easy task.

Thanks to all the online resources, you can learn a lot about the area you are moving to. You can research schools by visiting Great Schools in Florida, learn about the local hospitals, restaurants, shopping, gas prices, crime rate, lifestyle for specific areas, entertainment, travel routes before you ever set a foot in the new city you will be calling home.

Some families are moving due to their jobs and their moving expenses are paid by their employers. If you are one of the lucky ones, be sure to ask how much they will actually cover.

Will they pay for all or some of

  • Moving expenses
  • Rental home while searching for a home to purchase
  • Travel expenses
  • Closing costs if you are buying a home

Once you make the firm decision to move to Florida, visiting the area of interest prior to your actual move would be a great idea. Plan a four day visit and if you are planning on purchasing a home, find a local realtor who can help you not only with finding a home but also with what you need to know about the area.

During your visit, it would be wise to visit the schools your children will be attending, take a tour of the city and the neighborhoods as well as shopping and recreation areas. While touring the neighborhoods, I would encourage future residents to speak with the current residents..they will be happy to provide you with tons of information!

After your visit, should you decide on a short term rental before you move into your new home, it is essential to arrange them months in advance as they do get booked especially during spring break and summer months. If storing some or all of your furniture in storage is more suitable for you, check around different storage units to find the right one for you.

Pack all the necessary items you will be using while living in your temporary housing. Good thing about short term rentals is that they are fully furnished from furniture to kitchen to towels. You will just need your clothes. Keep all the important papers such as birth certificates, passports, kid’s shot records, pet’s important papers in a separate box and with you.

It is a big move and it will take time to feel at home. Once you settle in, you will be glad you made the decision to move to our beautiful state.

If moving to Florida is in your future, I would love to hear from you. Call me at 407-929-1852 or visit http//

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So true Beth Atalay. Especially when moving across several states not only will the move be hard but adjusting to the new climate and styles of homes will too. Your advice will help those new Floridians get settled faster.

Very nice layout of the important points, Beth. I would also suggest that potential buyers in FL seriously consider speaking with a Home Owner's Insurance professional, so they can better understand what different types of homes cost to insure & the options available. They should also look into the policies available, if they are considering a temporary rental - the contents coverage may be severely limited.

This can also apply to moving anywhere out of town, Beth. It is new territory. Keeping important papers with their person is smart and saves the risk of them getting lost too.

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