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Spring Housing Market in Bucks County Pennsylvania

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Real Estate in Bucks County Pennsylvania

Everyone knows, where there is a challenging Winter, there is pent-up Home Buyer & House Seller demand each Spring. Pundits write about it, comedians may joke about it yet statistics will generally prove it each year. Most importantly, Buyers & Sellers certainly look forward to it! However, did you know that in central Bucks County, PA there is a way to practically predict when this pent-up demand will spring to life?

All through this past Winter, potential home Buyers have been doing their homework; checking out areas, looking at houses online, researching schools and commute times, as well as asking friends for input. They have been doing all of this from the comfort of home and not really venturing out into the cold, ice, snow and wind. Keep in mind however, they are preparing and know what they will be seriously looking for when they do go out.. They just may not be sure when that should or will be ... yet.

While the above serious Buyers are learning about where your neighborhood is, they have no idea about your house or that you're considering selling. Why is this? Assuming you're not already on the market, (and if you are, that's a whole other situation) you're likely waiting for the "weather to break', so you can finally list your home for sale and move on to your next adventure.

Well, as I mentioned above there is very likely a way, in this case, to practically gauge the timing of the market in central Bucks County. From New Hope & Solebury to Doylestown and from Yardley to Plumstead, I've seen this work from personal experience. In the 15+ years that I've been actively tracking, working in and researching the market in Bucks County I have seen the first wave of the pent-up demand from Buyers

Spring to Life as the Daffodils bloom ... Literally!

This is generally followed by a brief lull, which is often accompanied by those sellers who weren't ready frantically trying to play catch-up.

House Sellers need to keep in mind that there is a limited supply of buyers who will be looking ~ however, they have had all Winter long to get primed to go. If the perfect house had already become available, they would have acted on it. They are waiting to see what else is out there. Potential sellers should be getting their properties on the market now, before the Daffodils bloom & the buyers find someplace else.

A gentle reminder to potential home Buyers is to keep in mind they aren't the only ones quietly checking on the possibilities for their next home. A serious Buyer should be choosing their agent and be in serious discussions with them now - not when there is a greater likelihood of competing activity on what they may hope is their dream home.

Remember, The Pent-up Demand Springs to Life as the Daffodils Bloom! Perhaps Sooner, if March is Kind to Us

If you have any questions about the Bucks County Spring Market, please feel free to contact me at
Thank You for Taking the Time to Read
Steve Walny

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